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Waterless Mountain By Laura Adams Armer Waterless Mountain Winner of the Newbery Medal this is an authentic novel about an eight year old Navaho boy s training as a medicine man This deeply moving and accurate account of one young Navaho s childhood and
  • Title: Waterless Mountain
  • Author: Laura Adams Armer
  • ISBN: 9780679845027
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Waterless Mountain By Laura Adams Armer Winner of the 1931 Newbery Medal, this is an authentic novel about an eight year old Navaho boy s training as a medicine man This deeply moving and accurate account of one young Navaho s childhood and spiritual journey is filled with wonder and respect for the natural world a living record of the Navaho way of life before the influence of the white man.
    Waterless Mountain By Laura Adams Armer Waterless Mountain by Laura Adams Armer Waterless Mountain follows Younger Brother, the middle of three children in a Navajo family a boy who got to be years old without ever having seen a white man or a chair as he grows into Waterless Mountain Armer, Laura Adams, Armer, Sidney Jan , Waterless Mountain.Written in the s by an authority on Native American life and lore, this Newbery Medal winner chronicles a boy s journey toward finding his vocation as a medicine Waterless Mountain Waterless Mountain by Laura Adams Armer, Sidney Armer Jan , She published her first book, Waterless Mountain , at the age of and received both the Newbery Medal and the Longmans, Green Company s prize for juvenile fiction Read an Waterless Mountain by Laura Adams Armer Paperback Book Waterless Mountain Paperback Book . Add to Cart Out Of Stock Top FORMAT Paperback Book Paperback Book . QUANTITY OUR PRICE . Eligible for free shipping with book orders Waterless Mountain Faded Page Dec , Her first novel, Waterless Mountain, features a young boy who aspires to be a medicine man The book portrays the Navajo as intelligent, sensitive human beings while avoiding
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    1. Full review notes on The Bent Bookworm My first issue I feel like that description or blurb is very misleading A living record of the Navajo way of life before the influence of the white man Um I don t see how that is accurate at ALL, when several of the main incidents of the story involve a slightly condescending but kind white man who runs a general store near the Navajo family So what exactly is that blurb about Hmmmm Anyway.This book was first published in 1931 The style of writing reflects [...]

    2. 1932 Newbery Award WinnerReally not great I found it boring and the writing stilted It seemed she was trying to write in Indian speak or something I also found it covertly racist It wasn t in your face, but that is almost worse because then people think that they are actually getting a true picture Here are some of the things that were a problem You will see that white people are fantastic if you read this Page 7, Younger Brother thought he had never seen so kind a face and he knew right away th [...]

    3. I was reading this, got bored, DNF d it, then said to myself, Self, you will not DNF this book just because it s slow and boring It s short, it s simple you can get through it So I did.This book is organized in short stories from the life of Younger Brother, a Navaho Indian boy Each chapter stands on its own, sharing day to day glimpses into the life of the Navaho, sprinkled liberally with folklore and origin myths Each vignette is written in a straightforward manner, with very little to tie eac [...]

    4. This is a gentle coming of age book about the Navaho way of life in the 1930 s Although written by a Caucasian woman, Waterless Mountain was lauded by the tribe itself for her authentic portrait of and respect for the Navaho people, their heritage, and their beliefs Laura Adams Armer s affection is evident as she writes about Younger Brother and the path he chooses to become a medicine man for his tribe We meet him when he is eight years old, and follow his insights and responses to his vocation [...]

    5. If you re reading the Newbery Winners through from the beginning, not even a decade in you ve already visited South America in Tales From SIlver Lands, China in Shen of the Sea, India in Gay Neck, Poland in Trumpeter of Krakow, Japan in The Cat Who Went to Heaven and now, in The Waterless Mountain, you re visiting the Navaho tribes in the Western U.S Despite, the racism in many of the novels, it does seem like the librarians on the committees in the 20 s and the 30 s were being proactive about e [...]

    6. I don t know There s some interesting insight into Navajo life and culture Two big problems, though 1 The book is slow moving And, for me, not so much in a pleasant journey kind of way like Criss Cross or Walk Two Moons or even The Cat Who Went to Heaven Just not that much happens.2 Much bigger problem The book, while in some ways sensitive to Navajo culture, really is fawning in its love of white culture The two white characters and one especially are superior beings who grace the Navajo with t [...]

    7. I was prepared to hate this and find it dull, but I didn t really This story of a Navajo boy learning to become a spiritual leader is fairly engaging, and I enjoyed the boy s character and his interactions with white people, which are usually pretty funny and sometimes sad It has the racial and cultural problems you might expect of a Navajo book written by a white person, but they aren t as bad as I anticipated I can let some of those go as being it was a different time ish, but what I can t let [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this older Newbery Rounding up from a 4.5 Armer has given us a very nice infusion of Navajo culture, and surprisingly for a 1931 book, there is not even a hint of patronizing tone You won t get swashbuckling adventure with this book, but you do get a relaxing read that follows a thoughtful young Navajo boy across a few years and reveals to you the backstory of Navajo beliefs and cultural heritage as he learns and tells the stories of his people You get glimpses of early 20th cen [...]

    9. A beautiful story of an unrushed childhood A lovely reminder to mothers to allow their children to grow up to be what they are supposed to be Also a reminder that quietness, alone time, and responsibility are important at all stages of development I loved how Grandfather was so respectful and consequently respected I only wish there really was such a man.

    10. As a recent transplant to Arizona and having studied the traditional oral histories of indigenous peoples of North America though not the Navajo specifically , I was quite interested in reading Waterless Mountain It is also one of the few Newbery books from these two decades that I had no memory of ever having read or had read to me.It is the story of Younger Brother who is following the path of a medicine man of his people Younger Brother is eight years old when the story starts and he ages thr [...]

    11. Newbery Medal Winner 1932Another Newbery Medal Winner, another cultural piece This one focuses on the Navajo people specifically Younger Brother, who grows from a boy to a man throughout the book Like many of the other early Newbery winners, this one doesn t really have a story arc s really just a this happens, then this happens, then this happens narrative There are few exciting pieces and some interesting Native American stories woven in, but overall it just wasn t that appealing The lack of c [...]

    12. Part of the Newbery read re read Though since we didn t own this one, I m thinking it s not a re read and I certainly don t remember it.Reading an older book has its own difficulties It s not clear what s true and what s made up In this book of a young Navajo boy written by a non Navajo, it s especially not clear It s interesting that it takes place after much impact of technology and western influence So, it captures not some timeless point, but a specific point in time after cars and trains an [...]

    13. Perhaps this just isn t my kind of book I can t really find anything I didn t really like about it, and some unexpected entertaining scenes were developed as Younger Brother went on his growth toward manhood and whatnot I was never fully invested, and the tales that are told within the book presumably of the passed on through generations genre just struck me as strange Yeah, not a bad book, but not for me.

    14. Although Native American literature is not a genre that I generally choose, I did enjoy the ambiance of this book I found Younger Brother to be an enjoyable character, and I appreciated his gentle perspective I also enjoyed the way in which each relationship that he formed within the book was meaningful each character had an important role and helped Younger Brother to grow as a medicine man and as a person I found it interesting that even the weather and animals were personified as well This g [...]

    15. Waterless Mountain has proven itself to be an overall average novel that has very little about it to dislike, but also very little to praise The book is a coming of age story about Younger Brother, a young man who is part of the Navajo tribe, growing up and discovering himself, what he wants in life, and the world around him At the beginning of the novel he is very young and na ve just starting his journey into adulthood and by the end he has lived of a life, has seen things, and knows his true [...]

    16. Waterless Mountain is a sweet and genuine book that creates a sense of innocence, discovery, and curiosity of the world around the main character of Younger Brother, a young Navajo boy who aspires to become a Medicine Man like Uncle This warm and light tale of the journey of learning of Younger Brother s vocation, is beautifully written through the use of extensive personification and imagery The author, Laura Adams Armer, creates a bold, and clear image of the world that Younger Brother sees Yo [...]

    17. Waterless Mountain is a great book that portrays the spirituality and self intelligence of the Navaho Tribe I enjoyed reading about Younger Brother s relationship with nature and how he grew throughout the story At first, Younger Brother was boy who collected treasures and stored them in a cave that no one else knew about After a while, the protagonist and Uncle became very close Eventually Younger Brother revealed his treasures to him As the story progressed, Younger Brother grew closer to the [...]

    18. Waterless Mountain was a decent book to read Better than the previous Indian novel, Winter in the blood, and better suited for a school setting Laura Adams Armer does a very well job to thoughtfully take you through the journey of an Indian boy, younger brother, as he becomes a medicine man Armer structures her writing with use of sensory details as she describes objects through out Younger Brothers Journey Starting with his cave knick knacks you feel like you are there along with him as he craw [...]

    19. Waterless Mountain tells the story of a young Navajo boy s journey to become a medicine man Younger Brother shepherds his mother s flock of sheep when he is a young boy, but he often has visions and speaks to the Pack Rat His uncle, a medicine man, recognizes the gifts that the young boy has and begins training Younger Brother to help become a medicine man as well Younger Brother goes on several journeys as he grows up and interacts in many ways with the American culture These interactions are a [...]

    20. I found Waterless Mountain a slow moving read While I enjoyed the Navajo legends, I was often bored and had a difficult time maintaining attention I often had to build myself up and prepare myself before reading the stories, and I worried that I would not finish all of them I would caution those who choose to read Waterless Mountain to read when the mind is bright and alert The story follows Younger Brother on his quest to become a medicine man like his Uncle Along his journey, Younger Brother r [...]

    21. The novel Waterless Mountain by Laura Adams Armer was overall a better read then my previous endeavors with a Native American cultured novel I still chose not to given this novel all five stars because I feel it was lacking adventure in the story line The book was separated into short chapters with the telling of Navajo stories, traditions and celebrations that helped to keep the story moving, but was overall lacking adventure most readers enjoy about a good book This novel almost felt like min [...]

    22. Starting off I had high hopes for Waterless Mountain because of the quote by Uncle, There are six directions always east, south, west, north, above and below I had heard this similar quote from a full blooded, elderly Navaho from Arizona in 2013 However, at times the story was slow and boring As much as I wanted to enjoy the legends of the Navaho people as told by Uncle or Younger Brother they often seemed choppy and disjointed When the author was simply writing of Younger Brother s adventures a [...]

    23. Waterless Mountain by Laura Adams Armer is a wonderful little book that gives a glimpse of Navajo culture The main story thread can be a little slow, but it is certainly never dull The book follows the journeys of Younger Brother, a young Navajo learning the ways of his culture, specifically learning how to be a medicine man These give a taste of Navajo traditions and rituals, both the every day practices and the less frequent customs Interspersed with these are numerous vignettes of Navajo beli [...]

    24. Okay, here s another book that is a product of its time the story of a young Navaho boy Younger Brother over eight years as he begins his journey to be a medicine man is told by a white woman who was purportedly a true friend of the Navaho In the present day where there there is some awareness of cultural appropriation, this book would have difficulty being published I loved much of the story but my 21st c s would occasionally kick in the purely Navaho bits are mostly fine, but I had a lot of is [...]

    25. I read this book in the spirit of the time it was awarded the Newberry Award, 1932, but I still had issues with the racism I stuck with finishing the book because I was interested in the Navajo culture Reading about Laura Adams Armer, I learned that supposedly the Navajo called her the woman who wears the turquoise and hard working woman She was the first to be allowed to film the sacred Mount Chant ceremony in 1928 Did the Navajo truly name Armer Was there pressure applied to allow the sacred c [...]

    26. I would recommend Waterless Mountain to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of Native American culture The novel centers around the life of Younger Brother, a boy who is destined to become a medicine man of the Navajo tribe Reading about his upbringing and his journey West allows readers a glimpse into the Native American religious perspective Younger Brother is a spiritual boy who has a deep relationship with nature As he grows older, he has many encounters with white culture that b [...]

    27. If you are seeking a beautiful read that tells different stories of Navajo culture, then this book may be for you If you are looking for a novel full of plot twists, adventure, and intrigue, then this book probably isn t for you This is a lovely written novel, but sometimes the plot line fell flat While at times I found myself wondering what the point of the novel was, I still enjoyed the way it was written and the story of Younger Brother This is a simple tale of a young boy who wishes to becom [...]

    28. Waterless Mountain by Laura Armer, is my second experience with the Native American Literature The book was a good source which introduced part of the Native American culture to me This book talked about the story of a Navaho Younger boy during two periods of his life At the first period, younger brother was still young, and he was gradually fed by the stories and the legends of his culture While in the second period, he discovered the American culture for which he had a huge admiration.I liked [...]

    29. This tale was indeed beautiful to explore a window to the past and the mentality of a people who traveled the trail of beauty The contemplative and philosophical approach of Younger Brother to life and learning the songs of the different life forms that inhabit our world was an enriching experience, even if somewhat idealized Learning some of the cultural traditions and mythologies of the Navajos was enjoyable in this well told tale.

    30. In my quest to read the all of the Newbery award winners this year, I started this one At first, it was very slow going but I did find myself enjoying it than I thought I would However, as a child, this would not have been a book that I would have chosen Since all I read for a time was mysteries Now on to the next winner

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