License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver #2020

License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver By Rick Harrison Tim Keown License to Pawn Deals Steals and My Life at the Gold Silver In Las Vegas there s a family owned business called the Gold Silver Pawn Shop run by three generations of the Harrison family Rick his son Big Hoss and Rick s dad the Old Man Now License to Pawn t
  • Title: License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver
  • Author: Rick Harrison Tim Keown
  • ISBN: 9781401324308
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver By Rick Harrison Tim Keown In Las Vegas, there s a family owned business called the Gold Silver Pawn Shop, run by three generations of the Harrison family Rick his son, Big Hoss and Rick s dad, the Old Man Now License to Pawn takes readers behind the scenes of the hit History show Pawn Stars and shares the fascinating life story of its star, Rick Harrison, and the equally intriguing storyIn Las Vegas, there s a family owned business called the Gold Silver Pawn Shop, run by three generations of the Harrison family Rick his son, Big Hoss and Rick s dad, the Old Man Now License to Pawn takes readers behind the scenes of the hit History show Pawn Stars and shares the fascinating life story of its star, Rick Harrison, and the equally intriguing story behind the shop, the customers, and the items for sale.Rick hasn t had it easy He was a math whiz at an early age, but developed a similarly uncanny ability to find ever deepening trouble that nearly ruined his life With the birth of his son, he sobered up, reconnected with his dad, and they started their booming business together.License to Pawn also offers an entertaining walk through the pawn shop s history It s a captivating look into how the Gold Silver works, with incredible stories about the crazy customers and the one of a kind items that the shop sells Rick isn t only a businessman he s also a historian and keen observer of human nature For instance, did you know that pimps wear lots of jewelry for a reason It s because if they re arrested, jewelry doesn t get confiscated like cash does, and ready money will be available for bail Or that WWII bomber jackets and Zippo lighters can sell for a freakishly high price in Japan Have you ever heard that the makers of Ormolu clocks, which Rick sells for as much as 15,000 apiece, frequently died before forty thanks to the mercury in the paint Rick also reveals the items he loves so much he ll never sell The shop has three Olympic bronze medals, a Patriots Super Bowl ring, a Samurai sword from 1490, and an original Iwo Jima battle plan Each object has an incredible story behind it, of course Rick shares them all, and so much there s an irresistible treasure trove of history behind both the Gold Silver Pawn Shop and the life of Rick Harrison.
    License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver By Rick Harrison Tim Keown
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      After 28 years in the business, Rick Harrison is an expert when it comes to spotting anything fake or stolen As far as big ticket items, Rick is the man for the job Spotting a fake Cartier watch that most people would mistakenly purchase for 30,000 is just one of his many skills Often acting as the middleman between his father and his son, Rick is the glue that holds this family and business together Trained in the pawn business from the age of 13, Rick was born a hustler He even dropped out of high school to pursue his 2,000 a week business of selling fake Gucci bags With enough money to partner with his father at the age of 23, he never looked back source History

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    1. If you ve never flipped over to Pawn Stars on the History Channel, then you probably have no idea who Rick Harrison is Or the Old Man, or Big Hoss, or Chumlee Do yourself a favor and watch an episode or two, then pick up this book Normally when a book is released in conjunction with a TV show, I find myself sort of flipping skipping through it The author never has much to say that hasn t already been covered on the show, and it s usually not written too well, either Well, surprise Harrison has d [...]

    2. I have to say, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I read it in two days I m a big fan of Rick s show, Pawn Stars, but I figured this was going to be just one of those strike while the iron is hot deals This book was a lot deeper than I was expecting I got to know the Harrison family and Chumlee as people, aside from their TV personas I had no idea of the struggles Old Man, Rick, Big Hoss and Chumlee had faced in their lives I didn t realize how hard they worked to overcome th [...]

    3. I am a huge fan of the History Channel s Pawn Stars It has wit, familial relations, historical trivia, old stuff and weird stuff Rick Harrison is the owner of the pawn shop located in Las Vegas, and the show s popularity has meant they have added thousands of square feet to the store and hired an additional thirty employees They used to have about 100 customers per day they now have over a thousand Harrison has an interesting background He suffered from grand mal seizures as a child which made h [...]

    4. Quite often my sweet husband takes a nosedive into the unknown and takes up with a new adventure obsession with something strange I found this serendipitous oddity a very attractive characteristic when we first met I know red flag , and frankly, it s had its ups and downs on my last nerve over the years All in all however, there s never a dull moment with Anthony if you just sit back and brace yourself.The show is mind boggling As I sit in my little apple green recliner writing reviews while DH [...]

    5. Only two reasons why I even bothered with this book Firstly, I m sort of a fan of the show I like history and some of the items that are featured are very interesting Second, the book was like 60% off at Can t resist a bargain.The book is surprisingly good Just like the show, it has a bit of humour and Rick is a natural storyteller It s not difficult to tell stories I suppose when a lot of zany characters walk through your door looking for some quick cash In fact, from what Rick tells us the sho [...]

    6. I love Pawn Stars, and I have always been curious about the darker seedier side of the business, which I knew must be present Everything on the show is nice, clean, and orderly, but I knew any Las Vegas pawn shop open 24 hours had to see some crazy things This is definitely the book to read if you are curious about that side of the store and it made me wish History Channel might show a little of it.This book follows mainly Rick, but it contains chapters from the Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee as w [...]

    7. What a pleasant surprise I ve watched PAWN STARS reality show from time to timeenough to know the main participants in this pawn shop I ve even visited the actual WORLD FAMOUS GOLD AND SILVER PAWN SHOP in Las Vegas.This book tells the back stories about the Old Man, Rick Harrison, Corey his son and Chumlee Their story isn t an easy one They all had struggles and made decisions over the years that brought them to where they are now They all love their jobs and enjoy going to work every day The on [...]

    8. If you ve always wanted to know how and what a pawn shop does in the business world, look no further If you re interested in what makes the fabulously successful television show Pawn Stars so interesting in the first place, this is the book to read.Rick Harrison does a good job narrating his biography, and how he, his father and son managed to get The Gold and Silver Pawnshop off the ground in Las Vegas.Starting from his medically challenged childhood all the way through the decisions, and negot [...]

    9. This bio of Rick Harrison s life at the Gold Silver Pawn Shop was quick, enjoyable, and informative I watch the show sometimes and I ve learned a few things when people sell their antiques I saw this book for sale at the shop when I went there a couple of years ago, but decided against buying it at the time I ve since borrowed it from the library and finally I ve read it.The book gives background on The Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee who all write chapters in the book That was interesting and fun T [...]

    10. I thought that this memoir was going to be one of those poorly written ones that come zipping out after someone makes it big in a reality show and wants to capitalize on their fame I was pleasantly surprised how wrong I was, not only was it well written, sure he had a writer, but sometimes even those writers are terrible but it sounded like Mr, Harrison and his family really had their voices heard throughout This was an easy read and quite enjoyable for two reasons One, everyone in the book was [...]

    11. We re longtime fans of History Channel s Pawn Stars show, and have even visited the actual surprisingly small shop during a Las Vegas vacation So Rick Harrison s book, mostly autobiographical, was both interesting and entertaining as of course we knew him and dad Old Man , son Big Hoss, and the clownish Chumlee pretty well from years of the TV episodes We were surprised to learn of Rick s troubled upbringing, during which first he was severely epileptic, which played havoc with his school attend [...]

    12. A fun book to read and to help the viewers of the show Pawn Stars understand the personalities that they see each week on their TV screens Rick does an excellent job of explaining his background and makes no excuses for the things he got into as a youngster We see in his story the struggle that many families had to make ends meet and to raise a family Old Man struggled in raising a family and Rick had problems in his personal life after marriage, but it did not stop either of them in trying to s [...]

    13. I ll admit to watching Pawn Stars, American Pickers and even the occasional episode of Storage Wars so when I found out about this book, I thought I d check it out from the library I was a little surprised at how non fluffy this memoir was not only does Rick talk about his early life and how his family got into the pawn business, he also shares the spotlight with Cory, Chumlee and The Old Man they each get a chapter or two to tell their stories and are willing to talk about the bad times as well [...]

    14. I bought this for my husband since he s obsessed with the show Of course, just like his obsession means I watch a lot of episodes of Pawn Stars, since he enjoyed the book I wound up reading it too The main surprise is how much gritty it is than the show which makes sense, on the one hand, but on the other, I have huge respect for the Harrisons for keeping the show focused on the main point the neat stuff that comes into the store Any other show on any other channel would have romped in the sord [...]

    15. This is a great book for fans of Pawn Stars I loved learning about the family, including Rick s rough childhood, and Corey s troubled adolescence I also enjoyed reading about how they turned down HBO, who wanted to focus on the raunchy customers who pawn their stuff The focus on the historical items that come into the store makes for much interesting tv I hate how TruTV s Hardcore Pawn shows the worst side of the business, so much that they have to bleep out every other word With Pawn Stars, y [...]

    16. I really loved the show, Pawn Stars so I was excited about reading this book I am not really sure what I expected the book to be like, but there were a lot stories then I thought there would be The storys were intresting enough, but it would have maybe come off better in an audio version with Rick Harrison reading it.Overall it was an intresting read If you enjoy the show you will most likely enjoy the book I learned a little and killed some time.

    17. Entertaining book covering the people, the history, the deals, the dealing, and the odd stuff at the Gold Silver Pawn Shop I actually most enjoyed the author talking about his father s Navy life, his childhood epilepsy, and Corree and Chumlee s frank talks everyone gets to write a chapter about their drug use and subsequent steps to move on.

    18. I love Pawn Stars, so the book was loads of fun to read, and each person had a story of their own to tell Rick, old man, Corey and Chumlee Rick overcame a lot and went through a lot as did Corey It was interesting to see the pictures and to hear about the family Everyone who enjoys this show will enjoy the book I m sure

    19. This was a fun fast read, especially if you enjoy the TV show It got a little repetitive at times but it has some fascintating information and the most interesting is why jewelry store staff are always offering to clean your rings.

    20. A quick, easy, yet interesting read I m not a fan of the show I ve seen it a couple times enough to think that Rick was interesting and to check out the book Particularly liked learning about the alternative banking fringes of financial normal that the shop serves as.

    21. Great Read from Rick Harrison and Tim KeownTim Keown did a great job collaborating with Rick Harrison on getting his message across from youth to the growing of business to the success obtained Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quick and easy read.

    22. A fun and fascinating read It was nice to get to know the men behind Pawn Stars by reading the book And I loved reading about their experiences, both life and pawn shop I also like how Rick explains how the pawn business works.

    23. This was baudy, analytical and screwy with healthy dashes of finance and vice A second edition should add vegas pawn stories, interesting finds, side hustles and polish on Chum and Hoss s stories oddly moving A rambunctious guilty pleasure.

    24. License to Pawn Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold Silver by Rick Harrison, Tim Keown License to Pawn is the story of the Harrison family run pawn business, World Famous Gold Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas Rick Harrison takes the readers on a journey inside his life and into his now famous reality TV show pawn shop This is a surprisingly candid look of all the characters that make the show so popular, the fascinating and at times shocking stories, and of course the history behind some of the [...]

    25. I ve been around antiques and collectibles most of my life since my parents have owned an antique business for nearly 20 years I ve been to auctions than most people my age great opportunity to get in hours of reading and I even have a relative who lives in a haunted Civil War house what s filled to the brim with antiques Yet despite all this, I m not interested in antiques I d much rather buy a table made by Ikea than one made during the turn of the century However, when I first watched the Hi [...]

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