A Rose is a Rose #2020

A Rose is a Rose By Jet Mykles A Rose is a Rose When his latest sugar daddy drops him like yesterday s news Carson s got than a bruised ego to deal with He s broke No designer clothes no baubles and while he loves his job with the burlesque show
  • Title: A Rose is a Rose
  • Author: Jet Mykles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Rose is a Rose By Jet Mykles When his latest sugar daddy drops him like yesterday s news, Carson s got than a bruised ego to deal with He s broke No designer clothes, no baubles, and while he loves his job with the burlesque show he needs to pay the bills.Should be no problem Carson s young and pretty, so it should be no trouble finding someone new to pick up his tab.Instead, he finds Eddie TWhen his latest sugar daddy drops him like yesterday s news, Carson s got than a bruised ego to deal with He s broke No designer clothes, no baubles, and while he loves his job with the burlesque show he needs to pay the bills.Should be no problem Carson s young and pretty, so it should be no trouble finding someone new to pick up his tab.Instead, he finds Eddie The superintendent of Carson s apartment building, Eddie couldn t be further from Carson s usual type, financially or physically, but his gift of a single red rose touches Carson s heart.For the first time, Carson doesn t want to be just a kept man.To live the life he always thought he wanted, he needs to find a new sugar daddy But how can he part with the support of someone who seems to really love him Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Male male sexual practices.Word Count 38,158 complete
    A Rose is a Rose By Jet Mykles
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      489 Jet Mykles
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    1. Jet Mykles

      Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay, that vampires are just people with a liquid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.

    347 thoughts on “A Rose is a Rose”

    1. A wonderfully refreshing romantic read.I loved the slow build up between Carson and Eddie The way Carson starts to slowly change is so natural There s no big revelation, just a gradual awareness I wasn t willing to like Anthony at the beginning, he was an arrogant spiteful ass, but I had to give him a pass at the end He could of got very nasty, but I m glad that tired old scenario wasn t used this time.I could of happily shaken Carson s mother though What a self centred woman OK so maybe she lov [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThis wonderful, WONDERFUL book makes me experience various reactions from smiling widely because of some sweetness, to awwwwww ing because of some cuteness, to biting my lower lips because of some tension, to having a teary eyed and squeezed chest pain because of a short goodbye, to sighing and back to wide smile because of a happy ending.Carson has always lived for the baubles and sparkles He admits that he is high maintenance He enjoys the lavish priviledge from his sugar daddy At tha [...]

    3. Let me just say how much I love this cover and I think it s a perfect fit for the book Now, let me just say how much I love this book LolCarson s been dependent of his rich boyfriend, Anthony, for far too long and when he demands out their relationship Anthony dumps him Financially broke, Carson doesn t know what to do and how to survive on just by his paycheck from the burlesque show Seeing Carson crying, Eddie gives him a single red rose, trying to make Carson feel better With that single ros [...]

    4. 3.75 Eddie is a sweetheart and Carson is a good guy who just didn t know there was anything different out there for him, or that he was worth than what he thought and was taught he was.Greedy girl that I am I so wished for a bit of Eddies thoughts and life during their relationship and in the intermediate time, while Carson was changing I also wished I had been given a few pages of Carson s new life, his job and such and a few days of the HEA.

    5. I just loved Carson and Eddie Two so very different people who became friends first and were perfect for each other I just loved how Carson grew and realized what was truly important in life and for him I picked the book up to begin reading it and didn t put it down until I finished it Very satisfying read.

    6. 4.5 stars almost perfect little read As always with Jet Mykles.This is Carson s and Eddie s story Carson works as a female impersonator in an LA burlesque show, one night as he cries over the breakup with his boyfriendhis rough around the edges landlord offers him a rose to cheer him up and from there they begin a friendship that turns into a lot .This story is sweet and lovely To me there are few men braver, tougher and courageous than the men who are ballsy enough to show the world who they a [...]

    7. This was a lovely story about Carson trying to find out what he wants from life and love Eddie is definitely one of the sweetest characters ever written Carson was a little bit like a high priced whore his words but he was aware of this and I wouldn t call him selfish because he wanted to protect Eddie from his ways, it was good to see him work through this though to get to our HEA.

    8. I really enjoyed this book We follow Carson, a semi talented burlesque player living off the good graces of a sugar daddy Thanks to lessons learned from how his mother moved from man to man, Carson does the same, relying on both his looks and his sexual expertise to move from provider to provider I wasn t expecting to like Carson but I found him extremely charming and very sweet We start this book after he was dropped by his last man, a producer at the burlesque show This causes Carson than a f [...]

    9. This was a really sweet, but predictable, gay for you story Eddie was adorable, but Carson was just a little too selfish for me to totally fall in love with Anyway, I recommend this for anytime you feel like reading something short and easy Oh, and the sex was HOT

    10. A sweet, fun read Not too much angst, Eddie was a complete sweetheart and by the end Carson got his head out of his ass Color me a happy camper.

    11. This was a super sweet confection about the love that blooms between a beautiful androgynous drama queen and a staid, quiet building superintendent who soothes and feeds him when he s a weepy mess Le Sigh I loved both characters who fit together so well despite their many differences Nothing deep but worth a read My review is now archived at the JERR siteHERE You may need to click my link and then hit enter on JERR s main page and then hit my link again in order to go directly to my review Sorry [...]

    12. A Rose is a Rose is another gay for you theme with a delicious, fluttery main character from Jet Mykles The story hits many highlights for fans with the familiar trope, witty and steamy writing, and an adorable narrator Unfortunately this story isn t my favorite of Mykles and the romance never quite works for me but the novella is easy, light, and thoroughly entertaining Carson is a beautiful young man that s used to having men take care of him When his latest boyfriend reveals he has no interes [...]

    13. This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenThis story was so sweet It took a bit for me to adjust to an effeminate MC I have never read a book like this before Where the MC is a man, refers to himself as a man and has no problem admitting it, but acts and dresses like a woman It was a bit jarring at first, until I got used to it and I could see that that is just Carson It s just who he is and he is wonderful He was also very much like Jet s usual MCs, with low self esteem and [...]

    14. I had read the blurb for this book a few times and always passed It sounded like Carson was going to be a vain, shallow character only interested in what he could get from a man.Yes, Carson only dates rich men who can keep him in a lavish lifestyle, but there is also a depth and a sweetness to him Carson s not mean or selfish or lacking in feeling or a conscience He just doesn t know any other way of life.Carson meets Eddie, the co owner and superintendent of the building he lives in, after he s [...]

    15. Very good m m romance about a beautiful young man, just dumped by his sugar daddy, who becomes friends with the very sweet straight owner of his apartment complex I got a little sniffly while I was reading this one.

    16. I m a huge Jet Mykles fan and so was thrilled when I saw that she had a book out in time for Valentine s Day This story follows the lovely Carson who works as a entertainer in a Burlesque show, whilst also enjoying the attentions of a wealthy sugar daddy When Anthony decides he s had enough of Carson, things stop going so well for the man and he begins to realise how much he depended on Anthony s benevolence and influence Whilst feeling rather sorry for himself, Carson meets the superintendent o [...]

    17. This is a very touching story about finding out who you really are, growing up to accept responsibility for yourself, and finding love in totally unexpected places I found this book to be refreshingly different from many male prostitute finds a new life stories.Carson is a kept man, and enjoys the lifestyle He likes getting expensive gifts, being taken to lavish parties and never having to worry about money He thinks he s in love with the man currently paying his way, and is disappointed when he [...]

    18. Picture Andrej Pejic with his hair Manic Panic red That is Carson pretty, androgynous, with a penchant for the feminine things like silk robes and glittering jewelry Beautiful, as Eddie of few words likes to say.Heads up on this one The blurb, in my opinion, was a bit misleading Carson is not out looking for sugar daddies to take care of him from relationship to relationship He is almost innocent in the way he realizes just how much his ex, Anthony, did for him financially He tries really hard [...]

    19. Carson is another one of Jet s characters that I fell in love with right off the bat beautiful, emotional, strong willed and purposefully flamboyant, the glitz hiding the lonely, needy young man underneath that s starved to find that special someone to call his own Eddie fits the part perfectly and watching the love grow between these two mismatched men made me do a whole lot of awwing and made my heart warm Lovely gay for you book that s been added to my faves It could have only been better if [...]

    20. I struggled with how I felt about this book, with whether I liked it or not Mainly because I don t understand why Carson would allow someone to take care of him The story explains why but it doesn t make me understand any better Half the time while reading this I felt like a disapproving mother and the other half made me cringe a bit, hold my breath, maybe said a few choice words, refused to get teary eyed and rooted for Carson a bit I liked the ending though and made me feel better about Carson [...]

    21. Lovely I ve been meaning to read Jet Mykles for some time and I m so happy I picked this book as my first one This was a beautifully written GFY story in which the gay MC undergoes a greater transformation than the straight one.Carson, a gender fluid man who is used to being kept by rich men, finds himself without a benefactor and broke Eddie, the rough super and owner of his apartment building, surprises Carson by giving him a rose when he sees him crying on his balcony A friendship develops be [...]

    22. I usually REALLY like Jet Mykles, and this was okay I liked the ending it was just what I expected The first two thirds was a little slower that I expected for a JM story Eddie was the sweetest I may not read this again, but it was a nice ending.

    23. Can a gold digger ever change his spots That s the question that Carson asks himself following the breakup of his recent relationship Without the financial help his ex provided, Carson is left struggling to make ends meet, let alone afford the lifestyle he s become accustomed to It s not that Carson is heartless per se it s just that he figures he can find a rich lover who knows the score Yet when sparks fly between Carson and his building landlord, Carson is put in a sticky situation Is it true [...]

    24. Such a lovely cover There s almost always something I m very jealous of when it comes to Jet Mykles characters, and with Carson it s got to be those long luscious, red locks Completely lured me in You can t help but feel sorry for this gorgeous cover guy for a good majority of the story He isn t as talented as the other members of the burlesque show no real vocal skills and not a great dancer either Carson is featured in a few skits that involve him strolling around in racy outfits and a few seq [...]

    25. This was a very sweet story about Carson, a flamboyant burlesque queen and his landlord, Eddie, a straight man who falls for Carson Eddie is a very normal guy, solid, not handsome, yet caring, romantic and a family man Carson is deserted by his sugar daddy when he wants to step up the relationship and begins to realize how dependent he s become on a man in his life At the same time, Eddie is trying to become the new man in Carson s life and is providing him with food, companionship and ultimatel [...]

    26. Sweet easy to read story It illustrates the growth of a very shallow, self absorbed, young man who slowly realizes he can stand on his own He is a product of his upbringing, but something inside pushes him to want than being kept arm candy especially without monogamy This desire is fed and watered literally and metaphorically by the solid, hard working, middle class owner of the building in which he lives Eddie is patient, caring, and nothing like what Carson always thought he wanted There, of [...]

    27. About 3.5 stars.I enjoyed this novella length story about Carson, who is basically a rent boy He owes his entire existence to his boyfriend Anthony, who clothes, feeds, and entertains him Carson basically only has to pay for his own rent because Anthony insists that Carson maintain his own place Carson also relies on Anthony for his job because Anthony is one of the producers of his burlesque show where he is the headliner When Anthony and Carson break up, Carson realizes how dependent he has be [...]

    28. 3.5 stars Mykles really knows how to build a character Carson and Eddie were so individualized and different and worked great together I really liked Eddie s simplicity and generally teddybear like personality I liked the final Carson very much as well once he became confident and self sufficient though I hope he maintained his bright and dramatic personality as well The story itself was a simple one Carson is living life in all the wrong ways for himself He has a boyfriend who is disrespectful [...]

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