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The Saracen Blade By Frank Yerby The Saracen Blade The story of Pietro di Donati son of a th century Sicilian peasant who was born at almost the exact same moment as the Emperor Frederick Their stories are linked against the early th century and
  • Title: The Saracen Blade
  • Author: Frank Yerby
  • ISBN: 9780899662169
  • Page: 474
  • Format: None
  • The Saracen Blade By Frank Yerby The story of Pietro di Donati, son of a 13th century Sicilian peasant, who was born at almost the exact same moment as the Emperor Frederick Their stories are linked against the early 13th century and backdrop of the Children s and Albigensian Crusades.
    The Saracen Blade By Frank Yerby
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      Frank Yerby

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    1. Frank Yerby

      Born in Augusta, Georgia to Rufus Garvin Yerby, an African American, and Wilhelmina Smythe, who was caucasian He graduated from Haines Normal Institute in Augusta and graduated from Paine College in 1937 Thereafter, Yerby enrolled in Fisk University where he received his Master s degree in 1938 In 1939, Yerby entered the University of Chicago to work toward his doctorate but later left the university Yerby taught briefly at Florida AM University and at Southern University in Baton Rouge.Frank Yerby rose to fame as a writer of popular fiction tinged with a distinctive southern flavor In 1946 he became the first African American to publish a best seller with The Foxes of Harrow That same year he also became the first African American to have a book purchased for screen adaptation by a Hollywood studio, when 20th Century Fox optioned Foxes Ultimately the book became a 1947 Oscar nominated film starring Rex Harrison and Maureen O Hara Yerby was originally noted for writing romance novels set in the Antebellum South In mid century he embarked on a series of best selling novels ranging from the Athens of Pericles to Europe in the Dark Ages Yerby took considerable pains in research, and often footnoted his historical novels In all he wrote 33 novels.

    837 thoughts on “The Saracen Blade”

    1. This is one of those books one discovers collecting dust on a parent s or grandparent s bookshelf, perhaps fallen behind the shelf or propping up a table At least that s how it was with me, when I found this book at the age of ten or so The dust jacket had long since gone only a faded crimson hardback with the title in yellow ochre ink that may have been gold, once I haven t read it again in the nearly three decades since then I can t think of a single friend or acquaintance who has ever mention [...]

    2. Pierto di Donati is born on the same day as the legendary Frederick II Although Pierto is born to a relatively humble station in life, his early days are pretty good thanks not to his blacksmith father but to the kind Isaac the Jew Alas, a peasant uprising doesn t go too well for the peasants, and Pierto loses everyone he loves Thanks to the luck of the Irish of which he s not , the young orphan is quickly taken under the wing by Baron Rudolph, the man who had at one time planned to sexually mol [...]

    3. This book follows the life of the Italian Pietro from his birth to his mid 40s during the middle ages Pietro, a commoner, was born the same day and time in the same town as the Emperor Frederick II, and their lives are linked through various events.I liked the historical setting of this novel and the mixing of both people and traits within people Not all Christians are good not all Muslims are bad, and for the most part, everyone is a mixture of both good and bad What drove me crazy was Pietro, [...]

    4. When Yerby gets it right, his books are a delicious orgy of historical fiction However, when he gets it wrong it s like getting soap in your eyes while biting into something a heck of a lot spicy then you anticipated.The plot here wanders all over the known places and events of the 13th century The alliances, betrayals, fights, works, and progresses of kings, popes, emperors, sultans, queens, slaves, peasants, merchants, scientists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, saints, sinners, [...]

    5. This is the first of Frank Yerby s books the I read It made me continue on to read all of his books All the characters in his books are well defined, fascinating and ultimately very human Their lives are filled with joy, horror and angst All his books are worth reading and only a few are not reading than once.

    6. I m not a newbie to Frank Yerby, as prior to this novel, I ve read four of his works From what I ve read, I realized that he wrote in order to exorcise his racial demons Unlike James Baldwin, however, he wrote adventure stories that dealt with courageous and masculine heroes Whereas Baldwin dealt with racial issues head on, Yerby dealt with them peripherally by developing characters who were considered racially inferior, but were still intelligent and competent, occasionally even so than the he [...]

    7. I had a difficult time getting into this story It contains many characters and I often don t like stories that have incidental characters which you meet at one point and then never hear from again I m only about halfway through, and the read has gotten better This one will take me a while to get through because it s been relegated to being my car book, the one I keep in the front seat for boredom emergencies.So I finished the book and it got much better The main character has an idealized belief [...]

    8. c1952 FCN Emperor Frederick II, Pietro di Donati, Iolanthe Rodiano, Elaine of Siniscola, Haroun He had that feeling again that he had had before that life was neither good nor pleasant nor worth the living You started out in blood and stench with the echoes of your mother s dying screams inside of you somewhere so that unrecognized, unremembered, they were there a part of you then afterwards you were the hunted, always the hunted, running with that tiredness inside of you that was part of death [...]

    9. A pretty good read As most historical fiction, this book really immerses you in the culture There were a ton of factual references, which I found interesting The somewhat annoying romance plots were thrown in there as well, many loves although not at the same time now, jeeze Ha, and the typical Frank Yerby 20th century language randomly in there But I did enjoy the discussions of battle tactics and the cultures histories involved I felt like I knew prince king Frederick of France, which is reall [...]

    10. I read this book over and over again.The characters, the places, the adventure, the love, the drama, the strength.This is a book that allows me to transport to another place and time and enjoy spending time within the story, even though some of the events recounted based on historical events are somewhat barbaric.I m a fan.

    11. One of the first adult level books I read It swept me off my feet as a teenager I read it several times, and every other book by Frank Yerby I could get my hand on I m tempted to re read now and see how my perspective has changed.

    12. Overall, I liked this book It was well researched and an entertaining story a la Sabatini Shellebarger My only real problem is that the author frequently put 20th Century attitudes into the mouth thoughts of the protagonist.

    13. I read this when I was 13 along with Yerby s The Goat Song and they started me off on a fantastic journey through historical fiction that I am enjoying 40 years later Wonderful story beautifully written.

    14. Although well written and compelling the frequent romances throughout the main characters life are not my cup of tea.

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