King Bidgood's in the Bathtub #2020

King Bidgood's in the Bathtub By Audrey Wood DonWood King Bidgood s in the Bathtub In this raucous tale the Knight the Duke the Queen and eventually the whole court all try to lure King Bidgood from his cozy bathtub but he won t get out Will anyone be able to solve this problem
  • Title: King Bidgood's in the Bathtub
  • Author: Audrey Wood DonWood
  • ISBN: 9780152055783
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • King Bidgood's in the Bathtub By Audrey Wood DonWood In this raucous tale, the Knight, the Duke, the Queen and eventually the whole court all try to lure King Bidgood from his cozy bathtub, but he won t get out Will anyone be able to solve this problem In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of a Caldecott Honor favorite, this new edition features a hardcover book and a musical CD with six original songs ranging in stIn this raucous tale, the Knight, the Duke, the Queen and eventually the whole court all try to lure King Bidgood from his cozy bathtub, but he won t get out Will anyone be able to solve this problem In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of a Caldecott Honor favorite, this new edition features a hardcover book and a musical CD with six original songs ranging in style from a minuet to a rap Perfect entertainment for bath time or for bedtime, the joyful music and hilarious rhyming tale will provide hours of fun for young readers.
    King Bidgood's in the Bathtub By Audrey Wood DonWood
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      Audrey Wood DonWood

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    1. Audrey Wood DonWood

      Audrey Wood studied art and drama at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, Arkansas She has owned an operated a book and import store, taught chldren s drama and art, and traveled throughout Mexico and Guatemala studying Indian folk art She now lives in Hawaii with her talented family husband Don and son Bruce, who have both collaborated with Audrey by illustrating some of her books.

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    1. When a page cries out that King Bidgood s in the bathtub and refuses to leave, many have some ideas as to how to coax their monarch out, but nothing seems to work Going to war, eating, fishing they all seem like useful ideas to get the king away from his ducky, but the King remains firmly rooted in the bathtub Just as everyone runs out of ideas, the page has one that might work Neo always liked baths and playing in there, but he also knew the importance of getting out when requested When the fi [...]

    2. This book has unusually gorgeous and sophisticated illustrations for a children s picture book they re amazing.The story has a really fun premise and an amusing conclusion Children who either love or hate baths might feel particularly gleeful because of the story, but it s a great book for all children note for vegan children there is a fishing scene

    3. Audrey Wood s King Bidgoood s in the Bathtub is a fun, rollicking and engagingly entertaining bath time story, although for me, it is Don Wood s descriptively gorgeous and simply marvellous illustrations that really do make this story oh so special, as the narrative, albeit lively and humorous, is also somewhat predictable and mundane, especially when compared to the rich detail of the accompanying and minutely descriptive pictorial images In fact, I could readily imagine the illustrations witho [...]

    4. King Bidgood s in the Bathtub is a wonderfully humorous story from the creative mind of Audrey Wood, along with beautiful illustrations from Don Wood This book also won a Caldecott Honor Book Award, which it richly deserves this honor as the book is a great humorous experience that many children would enjoy for many years to come Audrey Wood s comical storytelling of this book makes it an instant classic to read as it is full of witty humor and clever verses The scenes that I really enjoyed were [...]

    5. What a delight I was grinning the whole way through this fun tale of King Bidgood who simply WON T get out of the bathtub not for a battle, not for lunch, not for a dance Why Because everything can be done in the bathtub and, of course, it is so much fun in there The illustrations are just spot on superb the expressions of extreme joy on the king s face, the dismay and chagrin of the knight, queen, the duke, the court as they are lured into the king s bathtub antics the wise little page who som [...]

    6. My 22 month old daughter loved this book She was excited about every pages and talked about what was going on while I read the story She enjoyed the CD in a car ride shortly after I watched her face I wasn t driving and she kept smiling She is very fond of bath time so she really got a kick out of this book I was delighted to see her enjoying this book so much The illustrations are superb, capturing the mood and expressions on everyone s faces so well It was vibrantly detailed I am so glad it wo [...]

    7. I feel like I am being harsh about some of the Caldecott books that I have been reading, but I am just trying to be true to how the book effected me Yes, the illustrations are superb and the story is funny, it might even be perfect for that child who doesn t like getting out of the tub If I am honest, though, I didn t like the dreary, colored pictures and I found the concept of people getting in the tub with the king Well odd Lol.

    8. The illustrations are delightful in this quirky title My children thought this was crazy and funny, but we were all a little sheepish about the king s ahem lack of modesty We thought he was a little cuckoo P

    9. This is a funny and superbly illustrated story that will entertain children of all ages The narrative is simple and repetitive, which will please even toddlers And the expressions and comic illustrations are fun to pore over for the smallest details My only complaint is that the illustrations are very dark, and it s best to read this book in a well lit room we read our bedtime stories in a dimly lit room and it was a little difficult to see all of the details in the picture This book was selecte [...]

    10. I love the ending and have used this for several years in a bath story time However, I really love the music in the filmstrip and would recommend the cd or dvd over the book 7 22 11Worked really well at PJ time 7 17 12This was a big hit at PJ Story Time again The 5 year old, 3rd grader and a parent really got into it 6 18 13Used for Story Time and it was the most successful of the 3 books Also used for PJ Story Time and it was a huge hit from preschoolers to grandmas 6 24 14Used for both PJ and [...]

    11. Everyone should own this book I don t care how old you are or whether you will ever even have children to read it to This book belongs in every household For one thing it has a delightful story, for another every single inch of every single page is a work of art It s one of the books my children and I would read for hours at a time Over and over they would beg me to read it And every page needed to be savored so every page was Then, when the children were all snug in their beds I d pick it up to [...]

    12. This is my all time favorite children s book I checked it out nearly every single time I went to the library as a kid probably from age 4 5 I finally got my own copy for my 16th birthday, I think.The story is cute, but the most amazing thing is the illustrations So many details and so much going on I would spend hours studying the pictures.

    13. To this day I still quote this book whenever I feel like not going out or want to take longer showers Today we lunch in the tub

    14. Technically, I watched the episode that this book was featured in Though I can t for the life of myself remember what the show was I know it was not Reading Rainbow which I watched regularly , and I think the show was a blend of human characters and puppets just like a certain other well known PBS show.Dammit, why can t I remember you show that I believe was a hybrid of Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street Has my drinking really gotten so bad that I can no longer remember the shows I enjoyed as a c [...]

    15. This is an all time favorite I read it to my first graders today because it s Readinthebathtubday today They thought it was the funniest thing, reading in the bathtub, until they saw what King Bidgood did in the bathtub.I may need to make a shelf for gazing books I mean there are picture books, and then there are books you can gaze at and still see something new every time you open it King Bidgood is certainly for gazing.

    16. i had this book on tape when I was a child but I had NO IDEA it was actually a book I loved this story It was goofy and funny Seeing the illustrations to go with it makes this book even better It s an absolute favorite and I m glad I finally got to read the actual book.

    17. 1 Fantasy 2 This silly yet addicting tale of a king who refuses to get out of the tub and instead tries to do all his everyday activities IN the tub will capture your heart and tickle your funny bone But will the Page ever be able to get the King out of the tub in time for dinner 3 Critiquea The repetitive manner of this book will engage young readers and have them shouting the lines right along with you Its perfectly written for PK and Kindergardeners b The appropriateness of the book is perfec [...]

    18. Years ago, when my children were much younger, I bought this book at their elementary school library book sale The story itself is both simple and funny Clearly told, the king refuses to leave his bathtub to rule his kingdom This puts his page into a tizzy, exasperates his wife and has his court settling into a vexation I appreciated each person s common sense approach to tackle their frustration The king was undeniably contented to staying where he was at.But let s get to the nitty gritty the i [...]

    19. In Audrey Wood s King Bidgood s in the Bathtub, Caldecott Award winner, published in 2005 second publication the king s young page seeks the assistance of the court members in trying to get the king out of the bathtub, HELP HELP CRIED THE PAGE WHEN THE NIGHT GOT DARK KING BIDGOOD S IN THE BATHTUB, AND HE WON T GET OU OH , WHO KNOWS WHAT TO DO They all try to entice the king out of tub but they all fail Finally, the young page figures out how to get the king out of the bathtub Don Wood, the illus [...]

    20. Don t you just hate it when King Bidgood s in the bathtub and he won t get out This is a wonderful read to for the child with a brief attention span The incredible illustrations are so detailed, s he will find something new every time you read it The rhythm of the verses is well suited to a four to six year old or earlier, if yours has stopped tearing pages and squirming out of your lap Everyone has a turn trying to get the king out of the tub and of course, the necessary parts are always covere [...]

    21. King Bidgood is in the bathtub and he won t get out A variety of members of the court try to entice him out of the bathtub but each ends up in the bathtub with him And the poor page is kept busy mopping up spilled water The story is cute but the illustrations really bring the story to life The illustrations are filled with detail and humor such as some of the women s hair after they emerge from the tub This is a fun story to read aloud The version I got from the library also came with a CD with [...]

    22. This story was fairly crazy, something though, a young child would love The drawings were rather humorous and added a lot to the book All in all, a crazily silly book that I d recommend Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2008

    23. There s something on each page to enchant a child, whether it be the absurd situations, the long rickety stairway without a rail, the repetitious lines, or the grand finale The kids always wait excitedly to tell me what s going to happen before we turn that last page I should add that I was surprised by how much they liked this book I would have given it 3 stars without their input.

    24. Fantastic children s book with rich and colorful illustrations Hillarious especially when read outload with aristocratic voices A good friend suggested this one, and oh was she right An oldy but goody

    25. Lush illustrations and lots of humor as the king refuses to get out of the bathtub Kids will love the humor and the fact that, after all of the adults try to get him to come out, it is a kid who succeeds.

    26. Lol no Will there ever be an Audrey Wood book that I like I also don t know whether to find the fact that says this comes with a read aloud music CD with a rap track hilarious or embarrassing.

    27. I have always loved this gorgeous, amusing picture book I used to show the filmstrip at storytime, in which they sang the story It was great and the kids always loved it.

    28. How have I not read this book until now A hilarious romp with gorgeous illustrations My bathtub loving boys roared with laughter.

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