The Walrus And The Warwolf #2020

The Walrus And The Warwolf By Hugh Cook The Walrus And The Warwolf Being thrown overboard was a light punishment and Drake knew he had a good deal What he didn t know was that this was only the start of a long journey that would take him far from his home and his lov
  • Title: The Walrus And The Warwolf
  • Author: Hugh Cook
  • ISBN: 9780552133272
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Walrus And The Warwolf By Hugh Cook Being thrown overboard was a light punishment and Drake knew he had a good deal What he didn t know was that this was only the start of a long journey that would take him far from his home and his love and he would have to endure far worse before either could be regained.
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      Hugh Cook was a cult author whose works blend fantasy and science fiction He is best known for his epic series The Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.

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    1. Swordsmith s apprentice Drake Douay is sentenced to death by drowning for vandalism and destruction of property As Drake is swimming back to shore, he chances upon Zanya, a red skinned, red haired beauty, and decides he ll do anything to get into her knickers Can two ships of pirates, revolution, and all manner of disgusting monsters stop Drake from being reunited with Zanya and giving her the rogering of a lifetime Drake Douay is a lying, cowardly, slimy, drunken fornicator And I love him This [...]

    2. This book is fucking crazy Hugh Cook crams events into a dozen pages than I have ever witnessed before, and he does so with a reckless regard for language or convention In two paragraphs, a city can fall, or a character can get into a bar fight in a small shanty town and then quaff a mug of beer spiked with plutonium to celebrate ships sail and take on monsters, and portals open in forests occupied by the ruins of a military complex from ages past The characters in this story are driven by appe [...]

    3. The Walrus and the Warwolf is one of the most audacious books I ve ever read and with a title like that how could it not be It s taken me since October to finish it, partly because what with baby and you nerds distracting me all the time it s hard to get any non audio reading done, and partly because it s like a hundred thousand million pages That s okay though I savored every word I ve been sitting with this book for the better part of a year and have a lot of thoughts, so bear with me.Walrus W [...]

    4. It s a hilarious roller coaster ride from beginning to end The main character is a demon loving degenerate who you can t help but root for as he stumbles from one disaster to another in a thoroughly insane world Have re read it times than I can remember, picked it up as a kid on my first visit to a second hand book store, pure gold.

    5. This is an unusual read out of the ordinary for me but I loved it Hugh Cook takes you on a journey with Drake and you had better watch out Loads of ups and downs with this writer.

    6. A very fun, wild teenage romp though a post apocalyptic fantasy world with lots of pirates, sex, booze, ancient super science, hokey religions, humor, and pirates Arrg

    7. This is a great book You easily forget that this book was written in 1988 because every character has depth, a good side, a bad side, and a past filled with important events that develop their character Cook s storytelling is like a DnD campaign gone off the rails Whatever plans or dreams the characters have in these stories, they will be swept aside because of how chaotic and terrible the world is around them For example A character s woman is being holed up in an inn taken over by an evil cult [...]

    8. I liked it There were parts that I really, really liked, but there were also parts that I didn t enjoy very much The opening few chapters are not gripping and the main character does not endear himself to the reader at all When the story proper gets going it is good, although somewhat rambling I found myself almost exhausted and could only manage a few chapters at a time It feels like it was written to be like Monty Python s Life of Biblo Baggins the Sex Crazed Pirate

    9. Didn t enjoy this at all Drake Douay isn t a compelling main character Many of the other characters are seemingly interesting but are only sketched out as characters and lack depth There isn t a story so much as a series of wandering events Setting was interesting but the presentation of it was dull.

    10. I m cheating and using this reveiw for all Hugh Cook s Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.Take almost every fantasy cliche and trope you can think of and give it to Eddings or Jordan and you get The Belgariad or The Wheel of Time entertaining enough but otherwise souless pap Give them however to Hugh Cook and you get your tiny mind blown He turns everything on its head like no other author before or after him Wizards, magic bottles, monsters and heroes are used in such a fresh imaginative way that [...]

    11. I bought the entire series of ten books many years ago, and have recently extracted them from the attic to read again This book is the fourth of the series and extends the events from the first book but from the point of view of the character Drake By having many of the books alluding to the same events and characters from differing viewpoints, the overall story arc is given depth.Grimy, funny, rumbustious, rude, and with deeply and I mean really deeply flawed characters that you root for despi [...]

    12. Forced to read this book by my darling paramour, I did my best to love it but failed It s a funny book, chock full of pirate y adventures as well as anachronistic occurrences My main problem was that the author did not take the time to flesh out any of the interesting events, or any of his characters for that matter The book jumps from one thing to another whether you are following along or not It s a unique book with a quirky tone that probably suits some people far than others, and if the ten [...]

    13. I didn t enjoy The Walrus And The Warwolf as much as the previous books in the series.Perhaps because I had a harder time identifying with a reckless teenager as the main character.Eventually this does pay off since he does eventually grow up a little.In The Walrus And The Warwolf Cook concentrates on the pirates.We follow our protagonist as his lust and eventually perhaps even love takes him on one harrowing adventure after the other.

    14. This is often cited by most readers as the best in the series I actually think it isn t as good as the second book The Women and the Warlords which was a very bold Fantasy novel that took a lot of risks for the genre, but managed to do so in a very compelling way Nevertheless The Walrus and the Warwolf is still an entertaining read and another strong entry in the series.

    15. Just finished reading the Planet Stories edition of this fine book after losing my complete collection of Chronicles of and Age of Darkness many years ago Just as much fun as I remember it being years ago A great mix of fantasy, technology and above all humour A joy to read.

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