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Country Loving By Cathy Woodman Country Loving The seventh book in Cathy Woodman s hugely popluar Talyton St George seriesEach book in the Talyton St George series can be read as a standalone novel but when Cathy first had the idea of writing abo
  • Title: Country Loving
  • Author: Cathy Woodman
  • ISBN: 9780099584896
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Country Loving By Cathy Woodman The seventh book in Cathy Woodman s hugely popluar Talyton St George seriesEach book in the Talyton St George series can be read as a standalone novel, but when Cathy first had the idea of writing about a vet practice, she intended it to be a trilogy about two vets Maz and Alex Their names are in brackets to show which books feature their story All the other books haveThe seventh book in Cathy Woodman s hugely popluar Talyton St George seriesEach book in the Talyton St George series can be read as a standalone novel, but when Cathy first had the idea of writing about a vet practice, she intended it to be a trilogy about two vets Maz and Alex Their names are in brackets to show which books feature their story All the other books have new characters, although Maz and Alex always crop up now and again.Talyton St George, the story so far Trust Me, I m a Vet Maz and Alex Must Be Love Maz and Alex The Sweetest ThingIt s a Vet s Life Maz and Alex The Village Vet Vets in LoveCountry LovingThe Three of Us Digital short story, companion to Follow Me Home Follow Me Home
    Country Loving By Cathy Woodman
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      Cathy Woodman

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      I began my working life as a small animal vet Like turning the pages in a book, I was never quite sure what was going to happen at the surgery next From the sausage dog who swallowed a sewing needle to the telly addict of a rabbit who lost an eye to infection, there was never a dull moment.I have always loved to read, escaping into all kinds of novels during those long nights on call, but I didn t have much time to pursue writing until after my children were born and I gave up full time work to look after them I joined a creative writing group and entered all the writing competitions I could find.My break into becoming a published author came in 2002 when I was joint winner of the Harry Bowling First Novel Award At the award ceremony, I met Laura Longrigg of MBA Literary Agents who signed me up on delivery of a finished manuscript.In April 2003, Laura rang to say that Headline were offering me a two book deal I had to dial 1471 to check she really had called me and I wasn t dreaming.My first novel, Under The Bonnet, was published in November 2004 My second, Our House, was published in 2005, the third, Family Matters in 2006, and the fourth, The Boy Next Door in 2007.Since then, I ve been working on an exciting new project, a series of novels about The Otter House Vets, a fictional practice set in a quiet Devonshire market town Trust Me, I m a Vet, which will be published in paperback by Arrow Books in April 2010, closely followed by the second book in September 2010.Since I last updated my website, my menagerie of animals has grown, much to my family s delight We now share our lives with two cats, three mad Border Terriers, two ponies and two pet rats which we found abandoned to starve in a cage in the woods nearby You should have heard my husband s sigh of resignation when I told him we were bringing them home

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    1. I love Cathy Woodman, her books transport you to a world where life, and it s inhabitants are a little quirky and all have their own particular and wholly unique personalities In my heart I hope that there is a town somewhere in the UK, which encapsulates Talyton St George, and the pace of life that you can experience there.This is book number 7 in the series, and I have to say it s bought me right back into the fold I read a lot of fiction from erotica all the way to YA NA, and I love the diver [...]

    2. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review It all starts with Stevie getting a phone call from Cecil, her father s right hand Cecil begs her to come back to the farm he has been doing all the the work on his own, while Stevie s dad has pretty much lost it and the authorities are very close to shutting down the farm Now Stevie hasn t been to the farm in ten years, ever since her dad decided her younger brother would be the farmer because he s a boy So she left for London, [...]

    3. Stevie receives a phone call begging her to come home and try to save the family farm Her father had a stroke and the farm hand is struggling to cope She returns to find the animal welfare officer wanting to prosecute her dad for neglect She gives up her city job to turn things round at home and decides that they need to open a petting farm to keep afloat Another wonderful trip to the village life of the vet series.

    4. Hey is this a series I just read that on the main blurb Well, I didn t see that one coming That is a much bigger plot twist than any in this book But enough being snarky, it was a sweet little read that I did enjoy Look, there wasn t anything too unexpected in it, things rather gently rocked along but it was still quite a nice book that entertained me without straining me And that is all you want sometimes.

    5. It was fun revisiting Guy and Jennie, from an outside perspective this time though who knew Guy was such a rotten grump with everyone but the one with whom he is besotted , and interesting to get up close and personal with Tom Dunsford from a different view Getting to know Stevie and Leo was fun I absolutely fell in love with Bandit I really like how this author knits her community and characters together You never know who she is going to write about next Each book is better than the last I get [...]

    6. I ve always said if I could live anywhere I would love to live on a farm Perhaps its the simplicity of life that happens there No hustle and bustle Where life simply happens moment by moment and it s never dull In the latest novel that has completely captivated me in a virtual way, Country Loving by Cathy Woodman, we arrive just in time Busy accountant Stephanie or Stevie as she is known to close family and friends receives an urgent phone call from Cecil, a man who s been helping to run the fam [...]

    7. Stevie is shocked to hear of the state of the family farm Her relationship with her father has been rocky ever since she left for London at eighteen, but in the months since her mother s death they ve barely talked It s still a surprise to hear that he s recovering from a stroke and that the farm is suffering for it After warnings from the local vet Stevie s father is threatened with losing Nettlebed Farm and worse possible imprisonment for animal cruelty Stevie d planned to help out for a weeke [...]

    8. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesCountry Loving was not at all what I was expecting from the cover art I had predicted a bit of a slow paced country village tale with simple characters that didn t do much of anything but I was only half right While the setting is simple and the tale of girl meets boy is common I found the people of Talyton St George to be intriguing and their interactions refreshing I suppose it s a modern day farming community with some of the old traditions mixed in what wi [...]

    9. Country Loving by Cathy Woodman is the second of her novels that I have read and loved and I so adore the book covers Cathy s novels take place in the quaint town of Talyton St George and are full of delightful characters I find that part of the joy of reading another novel that takes place in the same town is the pleasure of once again meeting some of my favorite characters.Stevie has a successful career as an accountant, a great place to live, and a boyfriend wanting to marry her All seems wel [...]

    10. I ve read Trust me I m a vet and I love it, so I m looking forward to reading another Cathy Woodman s book soon But, instead continue reading about Maz, I choose different story instead, and I m not disappointed Actually, I like Country Loving a lot than Trust me, I m a Vet I love Stevie, the heroine, she s what heroine I d like to read most, independent, intelligent, responsible, and tough how can t she said not tough, if she handle the Nettlebed Farm almost single handedly I love how Cahty Wo [...]

    11. After learning that her father did not want her take over the family farm, Stevie moves to London and becomes an accountant She does very well for herself and is dating a man who is in love with her and wants to marry Now Stevie gets the call that her father is about to lose the farm and whether he likes it or not could use her help What was supposed to be just a weekend out to the country is about to become a lot to Stevie After reading the entire series I will admit this book was my least fav [...]

    12. Country Loving is the first of Cathy Woodman s books I have read, but it certainly won t be the last I was swept away by the charm of this book and genuinely surprised by the twists and turns along the way I m usually pretty good at predicting a storyline, so it was a pleasant surprise to be shocked by the emerging plot Something that is difficult to come by in a lot of books in today s market and something I thoroughly enjoyed reading.The cover is marketed to appeal to those familiar with chick [...]

    13. Country Loving is the sixth book in the Talyton St George series by Cathy Woodman As with some of the other books in this series, each book is a standalone book so there is no need to read the other books before you read this one This is a cute series with memorable characters.Stevie is a full fledged city girl about town She makes her home in London She has a good job, a sweet apartment, and a wonderful boyfriend at least he looks pretty wonderful on paper Stevie goes back to her small hometown [...]

    14. This is my first Cathy Woodman s book although if I am not mistaken it is already the 6th in the Talyton St George s series.It was a nice read, a book one can read when one want something easy going and heart warming In my opinion the characters were not too complicated, the plot itself was not too complicated, there was not too many tension It was very predictable, like we know that after one comes two and then comes three, so was the plot for me.The story focuses on cows, mud, tractors, calves [...]

    15. Country Loving is the seventh book in the Talyton St George series Once again this is a stand alone book in the series but I would highly recommend reading the earlier books just to get a feel for the village and other minor characters in the story.This book focuses on Stevie former Talyton St George resident but now a high flying career girl with a well paid job as an accountant in London An urgent phone call from Upperhill Farm brings Stevie racing back to Devon to try and save the family farm [...]

    16. I liked this than I expected to I was worried it would be overly sappy and romantic but ironically I thought that the romantic element was the weakest part of the story I loved the rural setting of the farm and all the stuff about working on a farm and also the relationship between Stevie and her Father I thought all the country characters were believable and it was quite original I thought However I didn t like the ending because it felt rushed and also I didn t like the way things between Nic [...]

    17. I received this novel from NetGalley.This novel, although a little too long for my liking was a joy to read, it follows the adult life of a famers daughter, through her trials and tribulations of helping her father get the family farm back on track, as well as figuring out a tough love triangle The protagonist is warm, engaging and smart, a winning combination Her only downfall is the way she engages with other characters, it seems highly unrealistic and takes away from the novel.Woodman has cre [...]

    18. Country Loving is like coming home for someone who is closely associated with farming, or has ever worked on a farm And it is a glimpse into a different life for city slickers Some of the cow related details seemed a bit too much at times A lot of the daily life of a dairy farmer is painted in excruciating detail, certainly not for the squeamish.I felt Stevie was quite callous in getting rid of boyfriend Nick It is evident that she never reciprocated his feelings How else could she have broken u [...]

    19. COUNTRY LOVING by CATHY WOODMAN was an excellent read I didn t realize it was part of a sequence of reads, this book was good as a stand alone book seeing as I hadn t read any of the others.It has a good flow of writing, characters are very real and draw you into the daily grind and worry of renovating the run down farm.At the start I thought she was a bit of a weak woman where men were concerned and mean keeping her boyfriend who would like to be her fiance at arms length and keep making excuse [...]

    20. I absolutely loved this book While it is a romance, it is so much than just a romance It is a heartwarming and totally engaging tale of a woman who is forced to make radical changes as she attempts to save her family s farm Filled with depth and color, the author has brought both the hard work involved in dairy farming as well as the wonder of farm life Very realistic farm scenes and challenges This was a great story and one I highly recommend I enjoyed so much, that I have added this author to [...]

    21. I enjoyed reading the 7th book in the Talyton St George series, this time about Stevie short for Stephanie , who returns home from her job in the City to help her Father run the family farm which has run into trouble.I enjoyed catching up with characters from previous books like Jennie and Guy who live on the next farm, and Jack the local Wildlife and Animal officer In keeping with Cathys books Leo is the locum Vet at Alex s large animal practice and he plays a big part in this book Looking forw [...]

    22. Though I picked it up several times since receiving an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley, I just could not get myself to read this book in its entirety It never caught me, no matter how much I kept on reading I didn t really care about the characters so their story didn t interest me.I m not one to knock chick lit or a light, fun read, but the writing in this book was just too simple and left me wanting It just could not keep my attention.

    23. As always Cathy provides a good, enjoyable read No, it s not demanding, but I wanted a nice, easy, pleasurable read, which is exactly what I got 5 stars As someone else mentions, her characters are always quirky, and there is a slightly chaotic feel to them, which I enjoy A treat to read while you have cake and coffee.

    24. This started very differently to the recent books, and I really wasn t sure what was going to happen with Stevie when she got back to her family farm, there were so many odds stacked against her, and the farm.A really enjoyable read, and there were so many places the story could have gone, with some unexpected additions too.Loved it

    25. Thought this would just be a typical chick lit with romantic heroine and lots of soul searching The book was a surprise featuring a very practical main character who has to face up to some very real and difficult issues.

    26. A lovely book that reminds you that life never goes as you plan and it s what you do to make the best of the unexpected events that countsI will certainly read of Cathy Woodman books as I love the way she transported me to the tiny village with its funny charactersA great easy read

    27. My first book from this author as I borrowed from mu aunt and I enjoyed it a lot Good story and not too centred around love stories Felt like a learned a bit too about the farming community too which was interesting just wait for a cow to go into labour now and I ll be there.

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