A Bite of Fulfillment #2020

A Bite of Fulfillment By Charlie Richards A Bite of Fulfillment Into the paranormal world It s all fun and games until someone s life is threatened Adalric Bachmeier is the leader of his vampire coven and not accustomed to being patient but to win his beloved s a
  • Title: A Bite of Fulfillment
  • Author: Charlie Richards
  • ISBN: 9781771116077
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook
  • A Bite of Fulfillment By Charlie Richards Into the paranormal world It s all fun and games until someone s life is threatened Adalric Bachmeier is the leader of his vampire coven and not accustomed to being patient, but to win his beloved s affection, he tries to be just that Unfortunately, time runs out too soon Adalric can t put off returning to his coven, as well as his duties, any longer, and he plans to tInto the paranormal world It s all fun and games until someone s life is threatened Adalric Bachmeier is the leader of his vampire coven and not accustomed to being patient, but to win his beloved s affection, he tries to be just that Unfortunately, time runs out too soon Adalric can t put off returning to his coven, as well as his duties, any longer, and he plans to take Seth Goodwin with him, willingly or not Seth never would have believed that creatures of myth and legend existed Coming face to face with a vindictive, bloodthirsty vampire opens his eyes real quick to a whole new set of evils in the world He can t figure out why Adalric continues with his overtures of friendship, especially when he s been nothing but rude and cold to the guy After all, Seth wants nothing to do with a vampire Adalric insists that Seth must go with him to his coven, and he uses the guise of marking him as taken making him off limits to other vampires to finally sink his fangs into the human Even though Seth finds great pleasure in Adalric s arms, when the truth of their relationship comes out, will their fragile bond withstand the tension Or will it snap, sending Seth running
    A Bite of Fulfillment By Charlie Richards
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    1. I m the first to admit I like my fluffy mate mine growl read I don t mind the instant bonding and extraordinary bouts of sex, I can live with each book being of a set up to the nextI know what I m getting and it s ok, I like my little snack books I was a bit disappointed in this one, in the previous book Adalric the head honcho vamp coven leader is all about letting the difficult and unhappy human Seth get to know him and get used to paranormals view spoiler Now he gets a call that his second i [...]

    2. I m so glad this book came out I ve been anxiously awaiting it s release It was cool to get a peek into the vampire coven The MCs were solid and their bonding was believable A huge plus My only complaint would be the enemy was dealt with too easily Oh, and there were no gargoyles It looks like the next book will be centered around the vampire coven again I was hoping for another change in creature shrug I ll still definitely be checking it out

    3. Adalric is a dick I did NOT like him at all I think he manipulated Seth and I couldn t get behind that Then to throw on top of all that telling him how to act or he ll be punished Yeah, if I were Seth I would have gotten out there and fast.

    4. Seth was a dickwad from the previous book He controlled and frightened his ex Bobby and then allowed his friends to physically abuse Bobby Why would Charlie Richards think that I would want to read this book

    5. Can t say it enough, something about Richards writing soothes me when I m feeling depressed and or anxious Low angst, lots of sweetness, and simple story lines.

    6. Yay Adalric gets his story He is introduced in the Kontra s Menagerie story, Catlin s Appaloosa both those characters appear in this story by the way and then he got in on the end of the previous story in this newer series where the other hero, Seth, is introduced I was intrigued by Adalric before and wasn t too keen on Seth so seeing them as the heroes grabbed my attention from the get go.While some series can be read out of order, this is not one of them because as I noted above this one ties [...]

    7. I can t really explain why, for the most part, I liked this one Having finished it now I m feeling happy Been a while since that happened.Strangely enough especially considering his inexplicably jerkish role in the earlier connected books Seth turned out to be fairly reasonable He certainly is not a pushover and remains a little antagonistic, yet not in irrational ways I think I m actually fond of him Of Adalric too.In fact, there are a lot of nice people in this volume, which is promising for t [...]

    8. Charlie Richards the author has written an engaging shifter series The 3 series Kontra s Menageria, Wolves of Stone Ridge and A Paranormal s Love can be read separately or together as one series The reading order can be found on the author s website.All three are entertaining series with different characters and challenges, the main challenge being the evil scientists who capture and experiment on shifters Of course there is the usual attraction and finding of mates and falling in love Each stor [...]

    9. Pretty disappointing I looked forward to this book for months but it did not live up to my expectations It was in a word, unforgettable Seth was extremely resistant to being Adalric s mate The sex was unimpressive Seth resisted until the last minute then suddenly was fine with it I was really bummed I m hoping the next book with make up for this one.

    10. Sweet and sexyThis is easily my favourite, and it joyfully blends the two series together in such a way that you don t need to have read both but if you have it is just a bit awesome.Seth is still being kept with the gargoyles after the incident in the last book He is sullen and moody, but Adalric keeps approaching him anyways Soon Adalric has to return to his own coven and makes it clear that Seth will be coming with him, which in light of the loss of control in his life Seth realizes he has n [...]

    11. In a few years, Mrs Richards has established herself as a brand name for short, quirky, harmless romances of the transpecies variety, rivalling Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn for the title of the queen of smut This is one of her least appalling stories, probably because it appeared at a times when she was not getting out fifteen or twenty books per year After a first entry into this series that amounted to nothing, she has picked out the lone interesting character from that book and recounted his t [...]

    12. I totally enjoyed this story revolving around Seth human , and Adalric vampire coven leader I didn t like Seth too much at first due to how he treated Bobby, his ex, in the first book He eventually did rub off on me though, and Adalric had to have an extreme amount of patience in dealing with him since he is Seth s beloved The characters are exciting and well done Somebody wants to take over the coven, but nobody knows exactly who is going to betray the vampire leader I was definitely pulled int [...]

    13. A nice additionI enjoyed the setup for this book, though I do have issues with Seth s history of turning a blind eye to his friends abusive behavior.Adalric was a nice romantic lead to pair with him.As always, I do wish the author would take the time to go over the book and fill in the spotty plotting, but I ve come to accept these flaws, since the series itself is so addicting and a wonderful pallet cleanser.

    14. BetrayedSeth finds out in a not so nice way that paranormal beings exist He also ends up being the mate of a vampire Great story with depth.

    15. 2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress As much as I m attracted to paranormal stories, and yes the vampires do hold an exquisite appeal, I m not fond of an unchallenging plot as was the case with this one The shallowness here was almost boring.A Vampire coven leader finds his beloved mate His mate has been introduced to the paranormal world through violence and is now utterly afraid of any creature non human The Vampire seduces and misleads the human to get hi [...]

    16. The opening was odd Seth s heavyhanded bigotry and then he immediately accepts he has to go with the vampire And starting the binding process is dubcon Especially the submissive role he s drawn him into I ve read almost this exact same book before but there were a couple of notable differences that have me quite sure I haven t But this isn t just typical shifter fare, this is situations and people Wow Is it me just reading too much of this crap Weird This book is so familiar but there are things [...]

    17. Regardless of how he appears Adalric Bachmeier has been around the block for a few centuries He knows that as a Vampire he has achieved status and respect His coven is steadfast and growing this pleases him When he meets his beloved, he can t help himself from wooing the beautiful frightened man, if being patient is the keywell patient he will be What he won t do is leave him behind so he is not opposed to trickery and enticement to keep Seth by his side Seth Goodwin is scared he is confused and [...]

    18. I was expecting so much from this book, yet was disappointed for starters adaric is an ass of first caliber, I mean where s the charm, the conquering for his mate Am ok with the mating thing and everything but this is just too much wasn t supposed find a way to make Seth s introduction to paranormal world better not threaten him with punishment, after all Seth had a really bad introduction remember and to me Seth gave in way to easy after all that happened, adalric should have had to do to get [...]

    19. Has a plot, two plots, too bad the second plot about the threat to the coven was pushed aside while the romance was really the main focus Still enjoyable, and a plot One of the bad things about Charlie Richards books are that in most of them the problem isn t really a problem, it s usually solved before it really affects the characters That happens in this one too, but the second plot kind of makes up for it Long confusing story short, this was enjoyable and not as short as some of the other boo [...]

    20. Adalric, a vampire, is visiting the gargoyle clutch in order to suppress a rogue vampire from starting an unauthorized war Meeting Seth, his beloved, Adalric must overcome the hurdles of Seth s introduction to the paranormal world.Before he can bond with Seth, Adalric must return home to deal with his own uprising, bringing his beloved, and all his fears with him While dealing with his own covens inner turmoil, Adalric is patiently wooing Seth until he can complete the bond.

    21. I found this one sickening A nasty case of Stockholm syndrome presented through a faulty plot with massive plot holes andone dimensional characters which are driven only by sex and accept any thing even abuse if the sex is mind blowing Oh, and there are editing problems including wrong names, probably result of copy and paste from another book

    22. 3.5 stars round down.I liked the most of the story minus the sex part It was fine but somewhat monotonous after reading so many of Ms Richards books I liked the setup for the next couple as well as the maybe established couple.

    23. 3.5 starsInteresting to watch Seth fall and once he gives in, to enjoy a position he never thought he d ever takeSome action to keep entertained and not completely full of sex seeing as it takes Seth a while to get to that point, minus a few mutual satisfactions

    24. A classic Charlie Richards style Mates, lots of smut and a little bit of blood Hope the next book would be exciting and have a different formula.

    25. So, this was okay I wasn t a huge fan of Adalric, to be honest These stories are usually fun and sweet, and this was OK but not my favorite.

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