Independence Slay #2020

Independence Slay By Shelley Freydont Independence Slay On the Fourth of July Old Glory is flying high in Celebration Bay until someone raises a red flag With Independence Day fast approaching Liv Montgomery is swamped coordinating one of the town s bigg
  • Title: Independence Slay
  • Author: Shelley Freydont
  • ISBN: 9780425252567
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Independence Slay By Shelley Freydont On the Fourth of July, Old Glory is flying high in Celebration Bay until someone raises a red flag With Independence Day fast approaching, Liv Montgomery is swamped coordinating one of the town s biggest festivals In addition to the traditional July fourth events, the town stages a spooky Revolutionary War reenactment that can t be missed Every year, the ghost of local wOn the Fourth of July, Old Glory is flying high in Celebration Bay until someone raises a red flag With Independence Day fast approaching, Liv Montgomery is swamped coordinating one of the town s biggest festivals In addition to the traditional July fourth events, the town stages a spooky Revolutionary War reenactment that can t be missed Every year, the ghost of local war hero Henry Gallantine played by his eccentric descendant of the same name appears at the top of the family mansion, kicking off the night s revelries.But Henry s annual cameo goes awry after the ghost signals SOS instead of his traditional cue When Liv rushes to the rescue, she finds Henry missing and a real dead body instead of a fake haunt Now she will have to hunt down both a murderer and a missing person quickly before unwanted political fireworks ignite and someone else winds up as local history
    Independence Slay By Shelley Freydont
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      Shelley Freydont

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    1. Shelley Freydont

      aka Gemma BruceShelley Freyont is the author of the Lindy Haggerty Sudoku mysteries She attended the University of Utah majoring in philosophy and dance Shelley Freydont has also toured as a professonal dance with Twyla Tharp Dance and Americal Ballroom theater She has appeared and choreographed in television, film, and Brodway Series Lindy Haggerty Mystery Kate McDonald Mystery

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    1. This one is my least favorite in the series Wasn t crazy about the story line and there wasn t enough of Chaz.

    2. Small town secrets and smothered anger Shelley Freydont hit the nail on the head in her latest mystery, Independence Slay Why do so many cozy mysteries occur in small towns or closed communities Small town secrets and smothered anger And, in the case of the Celebration Bay mysteries, Liv Montgomery, an outsider, is the perfect person to dig into those secrets For some reason, the people in Celebration Bay trust the town s new event coordinator with their secrets.It s time for the traditional Fou [...]

    3. Dollycas s ThoughtsWhat a great story Released at the perfect time of year Celebration Bay plays a bit with the historical facts but they throw quite a party If it wasn t for that pesky murder the celebration would have been prefect.Again Liv has her hands full pulling things together for this huge festival but she has Ted by her side and he knows all the details by rote This festival has been going on for years and new event coordinator Liv just needs to add a few of her touches plus some addit [...]

    4. The town of Celebration Bay puts on a spectacular Independence Day event with a reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle Okay, so the battle never took place, but it s still a fun event that locals and tourists alike love However, this year, a murder takes place at the event, and the town s event coordinator has to determine who killed the victim and even if the victim was the intended target before the town completely turns on the charming teen who appears to be the only suspect.I love this sm [...]

    5. I love this series the characters are like reading about old friends and keep you wanting and the setting is just perfect and makes you wish you could just move to Celebration Bay too.

    6. Things I enjoyed The main character, the settings, the supporting characters I like Celebration Bay and the town s insistence on doing every holiday up right, and I enjoy Liv Montgomery as a protagonist.Things I did not The ending The murderer is not who it should have been I don t just mean there were red herrings, I mean the clues pointed directly to one person and some of the signs it was that person were just never properly addressed One of the confusing parts of the murder The Morse Code ha [...]

    7. The first 2 books in this series with Liv work better than this one It was ok but I did keep putting this book down because I was bored in places I am hoping the next book works better and entertaining and interesting.

    8. There s always something to celebrate in Celebration Bay, New York This mean Liv Montgomery s job as the town s event planner is never done The small town is getting ready to celebrate Independence Day in a big way Liv has the traditional parade and expected fireworks display to plan, but unique to Celebration Bay, also a Revolutionary War reenactment, complete with a ghost However, it s a much recent casualty that could ruin the July Fourth fun The usual ghost is missing, but Liv finds an all [...]

    9. openbooksociety article inBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JoAnneLiv Montgomery moved from Manhattan to Celebration Bay, where she works as the town s event planner It sounds like an easy job, but it isn t Especially when, while watching the July Fourth battle reenactment with her assistant Ted, both notice that there is an SOS signal coming from the top of the Gallantine mansion, which holds the festivities outside every year When they rush to find out who sent the signal, they find instead a dea [...]

    10. Independence Slay is the third book in the Celebration Bay Mystery series.Everyone is looking forward to the 4th of July Celebration The residents have gathered at the mansion of Henry Gallantine to watch the annual signal to the re enactment patriots and the begin the celebration Shortly after the signal is given, Liv and Ted notice another signal, this one a SOS, from the roof When get to the roof they find Jacob Rundle, Gallantine s gardener dead from a bayonet wound and 18 year mentally chal [...]

    11. So many things are positives about this series The way Liv doesn t voluntarily dive headlong into solving the murder but is persuaded into being involved How the chemistry between her and Chaz is slowly building in a realistic way Teases about Ted s past are intriguing yet don t negatively impact storylines New characters are introduced for a reason, not just plopped down to provide additional suspects Whiskey s involvement warrants him appearing on covers but is kept to a minimum and he s not w [...]

    12. Not my favorite Celebration Bay mystery The mean spirited gardener is murdered during the Fourth of July reenactment Liv, Ted and Whiskey are on the case I still am having a hard time with the small town of Celebration Bay being able to sustain all these festivals There seemed to be dead pages than usual detailing the mundane parts of Liv s life The mystery itself was a little thin and I was not as engaged with the characters as I was in previous books I like Liv as an amateur sleuth and how he [...]

    13. This one felt slower than the previous ones in the series.What I enjoyed the characters in this small town are great fun holiday themes you don t see too many Fourth of July themed books Leo and how most of the town helps him outWhat could have been better The story keeps hinting at the possibility of a love triangle and I hate those This story just didn t seem to move along as fast Maybe it was due to view spoiler Chaz being gone for the first part or even Henry being missing for most of it and [...]

    14. A pretty good holiday themed mystery Celebration Bay is ALWAYS celebrating something, so the 4th of July is a big deal A body turns up after the big Revolutionary War battle reenactment and the only witness is a young man with a mental disability Everyone agrees they don t think he s the killer, but they re having a hard time coming up with suspects and the owner of the home where the murder took place is missing The reason for the murder was an interesting one, but they didn t quite tie up all [...]

    15. The town of Celebration Bay makes a big splash on July 4, and the town s event planner, Liv Montgomery, is up to her neck in it When a murdered man turns up in the midst of the reenactment of a battle that was never fought, Liv is afraid that a rather backward teen will be the first suspect She has two men in her life, but both are unsuitable for various reasons One suspects the teen, the other is, reluctantly, willing to help clear him.

    16. Once again a crime happens and the events coordinator works at keeping the program in order And as usual the effort leads to solving some of the mystery and aiding the police with the rest The police and the general citizens are all interested in things and that is part of why this series works as well as it does.

    17. Liv seems to be building a nice life for herself in the small town of Celebration Bay unfortunately the town has had a few unfortunate casualties since she arrived.Can she really be blamed for incidents that she was not involved in can she and her new friends solve the latest murder before lives are lost I would love to have Liv s job

    18. 3.5 stars A well written cozy that I enjoyed thoroughly, although the plot left me wanting a bit in the way of proof and explanation I m looking forward to the fourth book and I m than curious about A.K Full review jennoklikes post 920718

    19. A visit to Celebration Bay is always an interesting trip A town that celebrates every known and sometimes unknown ones bring the town together in a fun way to make money The one thing that keeps happening is a Murder The 4th of July has the town re enactinga battle that really wasn t historic Wait until the fireworks begin.

    20. This was another wonderful Celebration Bay mystery The story kept you guessing who the murderer was the characters were once again well drawn and funny There is a lot of local flavor to this series that grows on you with each story I love the descriptions of the old house , secret entrances and all.

    21. As the town s event coordinator, Liv sees to all the little details of the Independence Day events But she didn t plan on murder after Battle of the Bay reenactment She and her assistant Ted don t know what to do with the new twist in the details and struggle to find the murderer so that the rest of the 4th of July events go as planned.

    22. I love the Celebration Bay series Liv and Whiskey s adventures, along with the Celebration Bay residents, always entertain me Although not as good as the 3 others books in the series that I read, I look forward to reading After all I m a Westie lover

    23. Third in the series My he 4th of July features a re enactment of a fictitious battle with fire works in Celebration Bay Unfortunately a murder occurs during the re enactment and Liz, Ted and Chaz must help solve it or loose their venue for the re enactment.

    24. This book 3 wasn t as good as the 1st book, a slower read that almost came to a halt only to plunge ahead for the ending The ending was a bit of a disappointment it seemed rushed as if the author didn t realize where she was in the story.

    25. This a cute series, and I enjoyed this particular entry The way the families date back to the Revolution, the idea that newcomers mean a family that s been there for 70 yearsl just right for a small town And, I confess, I almost picked the wrong killer just almost though.

    26. I like this series that takes place in Celebration Bay, New York The town is a tourist destination for holidays Liv is the event coordinator for the town, and she always gets involved in the murders that occur.

    27. This book was one that kept the reader going but not because of an exciting story line The ending left enough hints for another book to follow with the same cast of characters in this in this Celebration Bay Mystery series.

    28. Pleasant cozy with mix of all the right ingredients to keep reader guessing Author has good grasp of writing techniques for this genre.

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