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Felidae By Akif Pirinçci Ralph Noble Felidae An internationally acclaimed suspense novel features the adventures of Francis a house cat who in trying to catch the murderer of his feline friends meets up with a bizarre cat cult a kitty comput
  • Title: Felidae
  • Author: Akif Pirinçci Ralph Noble
  • ISBN: 9781857022070
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Felidae By Akif Pirinçci Ralph Noble An internationally acclaimed suspense novel features the adventures of Francis, a house cat who, in trying to catch the murderer of his feline friends, meets up with a bizarre cat cult, a kitty computer whiz, and a perceptive Persian.
    Felidae By Akif Pirinçci Ralph Noble
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      Akif Pirinçci Ralph Noble

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    1. Akif Pirinçci Ralph Noble

      Akif Pirin ci pronunciation pi nt i is a German writer of Turkish origin who is best known internationally for his novel Felidae.Pirin ci was born on the 20th October 1959 in Istanbul, Turkey, but emigrated to Germany together with his parents in 1969 He began to write fiction at a young age, and published his first novel Tr nen sind immer das Ende literally, tears always are the end in 1980, at the age of 21 His next literary work, published in 1989, was the novel Felidae, a work of crime fiction with cats as the main protagonists The novel has been translated into 17 languages and became an international bestseller Due to the enormous success of the novel, Pirin ci expanded his concept of cat crime fiction and published several sequels to Felidae, out of which two, namely Francis Felidae II and Salve Roma, have been translated into English An animated movie based on Felidae, the script of which had been co written by Pirin ci, was produced in Germany in 1994, and was also dubbed in English Pirin ci has published several other novels which were not set in the fictional reality of the Felidae series Of these, his novel Die Damalst r based on which a movie was produced in Germany as well, and which is currently also under consideration for screen adaptation in Hollywood was recently translated and published in English under the title The Back Door.Pirin ci currently lives in Bonn, the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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    1. EDIT Oct 21st 2015 At the anniversary of the Pegida protests in Dresden on 19 October 2015, Pirin ci was invited as keynote speaker He accused German politicians of being Gauleiter against their own people , called Germany a shit state Schei staat and female asylum seekers fugitive sluts fl chtende Schlampen Further, according to Pirin ci, Muslims want to pump infidels full of their Muslim juice Ungl ubige mit ihrem Moslemsaft vollpumpen and Germany awaits a Muslim garbage dump Moslemm llhalde H [...]

    2. truly astonishing how someone who wrote what is essentially an allegory against nationalist eugenics is very far right wing and basically every type of bigot you can possibly envisage did he read his own novel was this novel the work of a tiny, tiny part of his subconsciousness that was raging at the fact that the main part of his consciousness was an absolute nazi trainwreck we may never know no, literally, how the fuck can someone write an anti eugenics book and then be a neo Nazi how the f an [...]

    3. Phew What can I say Buying the English translated book off of eBay I didn t know what to expect This is my second time reading through it, and was at first appalled at the language and gore that I was not use to being associated with the cat genre But as I read on the mood set was amazing Dark, depressing, and truly insane Footnotes let you know that Akif must have done a bit of cat research before writing This book just never ceases to amaze me.

    4. This is a story about cats Who have a murderer among them Told from the perspective of a cat You may want to stop here This may not be the book for you This is a mystery seen through the eyes of out hero Francis Francis is new to the neighborhood and is shocked to learn that many of his feline family are being murdered It is clear the murderer is another cat The preferred method of killing is a cat bite to the neck Francis, believing himself to be of greater than average intelligence, takes it u [...]

    5. Ever wonder what your cat thinks of you You really don t want to know I thought this would be a cozy type mystery, but it was way too violent and graphic to claim that category These cats are cynical, tyrannical and often bitter.but the mystery was interesting to the last.

    6. Im R ckblick schon eine interessante Lekt re, zum einen wegen der Katzen Perspektive, zum anderen weil die Hauptfigur nicht gerade sympathisch ist.Aus heutiger Sicht Bei allem, was man ber den Autor inzwischen wei , h tte das Buch sicher nicht mehr den Weg in meinem Regal gefunden.

    7. S obzirom da ova knjiga i nije previ e poznata iroj javnosti, a rije je o kvalitetnom i zanimljivom tivu, dopustite da vam predstavim Felidae Ova knjiga zadire u svijet ma aka u kojem pronalazimo dva iznimno inteligentna protagonista Francisca i Pascala Radnja ovoga romana je protkana elemantima krimi a i detektivskim, postupnim putem dola enja do spoznaje i otkrivanja zlo ina Zlo ini o kojima je rije su niz krvolo nih ubojstava Inteligentni detektiv Francisc, postupno rje ava misteriju zlo ina [...]

    8. Francis is new in town, cocky, smart and sharp tongued and he s a cat.Stumbling upon a gore ish murder in his neighborhood, he cannot stop himself from investigating a crime and unveiling an ingenious, but murderous nazi like conspiracy between cats.It s been some time since I ve read this book, but I still remember many details of it This book was just as the main character, funny and smart, somewhat shocking and definitely surprising.Felidae is a unique, awesome read If you don t mind a little [...]

    9. I m not sure I ve ever read a book where I felt such a divide between love of the story and inability to stomach the writing.I ll say this this may be blasphemy to some, but there are cases where the movie is better than the book And this is one of those cases, because, at least in this person s opinion, the story may be great, but the writing is absolutely insufferable, and gets increasingly so over the course of the book.The author appears to believe in the stance that brooding and negativity [...]

    10. Felidae is an insane but captivating murder mystery starting from page one Although I figured out who the murderer was about 3 5s of the way through, I did not even guess at the murderer s actual motivation until it was revealed An absolutely stunning novel that isn t at all justified by saying it s a murder mystery about cats Their feline ness is absolutely central to the mystery and to all of the characters, but at the same time, the themes are all very human.

    11. Gripping book by an author that clearly understands cats The protagonist is a classic cynical down on his luck in a noir kind of way drawn into solving the serial murders on his fellow felines The added footnotes of the scientific basis behind certain behaviours are priceless

    12. This is a curious little novel.The protagonist, Francis, who happens to be a cat, investigates a gruesome crime and discovers a number of disturbing things that are happening in his neighbourhood I m not going to tell you anything specific about the plot, just a heads up I personally love this book It is creepy and frightening at times Francis nightmares are particularly disturbing , but the author has a way of writing that really draws me in He sets up a storyline with a number of threads which [...]

    13. The original review, and many other reviews and features, can be found at thebookeatersToday I shall be reviewing one of the quirkier books of the literary world a tale of murder, prejudice, hypocrisy, religious cults, genetics and cats.Felidae is a neo noir detective book written by the German author Akif Princ i, and tells the tale of domestic cat detective Francis, just arrived in a new neighbourhood, whose welcoming present is a corpse in the garden Confused and upset, Francis, aided by a de [...]

    14. I found this novel to be truly unique It is the opposite of a cat cozy of a cat gothic wrapper on a deeper philosophical meditation, with occasional Chandleresque interludes so it is worth reading whether you believe you have any interest in cats or not If you come to it with an open mind, you will be rewarded Finally, the author uses cats to illuminate questions that mean something quite fundamental to us human animals yet, without reducing the feline characters to mere devices or portes parol [...]

    15. I found this book after watching the rather infamous animated adaptation, which I have to say I prefer and it s rare for me to prefer a movie to its original book.This is just so awfully, terribly written Ham fisted and amateurish.It s like he s very self consciously adding I AM A WRITER, LOOK AT ME WRITE elements Long, ridiculous analogies and purple prosed similes Equally purple, cliche descriptions of setting and character Long emphatic tirades on human nature with no basis whatsoever in beli [...]

    16. te b yledir insano lu o k t d r, kalle tir, hilekard r, bencildir, a g zl d r, korkun tur, delidir, sadisttir, karc d r, kana susam t r, ziyankard r, vefas zd r, riyakard r, k skan t r ve hepsinden nemlisi bo kafal bir aptald r nsanlar te b yledir insanlar Ah Francis, d nyadaki insanlar n nas l bir kendini be enmi lik z rh i inde olduklar n , bencillikten nas l sarho olduklar n , pohpohlanmaya ne kadar muhta olduklar n , kendilerine s ylenenlere kulaklar n nas l t kad klar n , en yak n dostlar n [...]

    17. I read this book years ago I remember picking it up at a book market for next to nothing and its one that always sticks in my mind It took me a while to read it as I found it hard going till about as third of the way through Then it all seemed to come into place.It is not the usual genre I read and I would say it is of a thriller crime The characters are great and because of my love of cats I found the book very warming It took me 4 years to find the sequal.I d say give it a go if its your genr [...]

    18. For someone that doesn t like cats I really loved this book.My friend gave me this to read as a sort of joke and I gave it a go for fun and I turned out really loving it The first chapter just made it for me I love the way it is told from a cats point of view.Really funny and unique and had a great storyline.

    19. Gave me the creeps and was a bit graphic, thus the three stars As far as the writing and the thoughts it evokes, I would give it 5 stars.

    20. NOTE I was unaware of the controversy surrounding author Akif Pirincci before starting this novel, and while I don t approve of his actions, I am a firm believer in separating the art from the artist when it comes to reviewing a work Therefore, this will be the last I mention of said controversy in this review.The German animated movie Felidae has achieved notoriety in a lot of Internet circles much like Watership Down, it s a film starring cute furry animals that nonetheless has a lot of violen [...]

    21. Felidae is darkly funny, curiously intriguing, action filled and badly written watch the movie.This is such a great concept A murder mystery with cats sign me tf up Grumpy neighbourhood cat francis gets roped into playing detective after many neighbourhood cats begin to be murdered This book is filled with so many unexpected pop culture references which I fully enjoyed I also massively appreciated how much research pirincci did on cats to really make this an accurate portrayal of how they actual [...]

    22. When I started this, I knew it was considered dark, or rather noir as I heard it described an innumerable amount of times I had never seen the movie, I had heard about it from an old co worker several years ago, but piggy backing from Watership Down, Plague Dogs and Animals of Farthing Woods I brushed it off.Oh boy, should I have listened.Most of the novel, primarily due to it s verbose monologues, was slow paced and padded However, there were times where I had to put the book down, find my own [...]

    23. Un libro davvero molto cupo e violento per essere pubblicato in una collana per ragazzini, con uno stile di scrittura in parte ironico e in parte filosofeggiante che nuovamente non vedo idoneo ad un libro per ragazzi Penso che sia stato messo nei libri per ragazzi solo perch una storia che narra di gatti ed scritto dal punto di vista di un gatto Ma l editore italiano ha clamorosamente sbagliato, dimostrando, oltre a non avere letto il libro, anche una scarsissima attenzione, dato che all estero [...]

    24. Contrary to those here who hate the author and still love the book, I have no problem with the author and still didnt like the book much.The story was good enough, the cat setting a nice new touch But the whole story telling is crippled by the author enjoying his own clever quips too much, inserting them not only into the narrator s descriptions, but also the direct speech of nearly all characters.This makes the book a tedious read, both because characters become really hard to distinguish and b [...]

    25. Discovered this book because of the Animated film It s absolutely brilliant A dark detective mystery from the perspective of cats, with reverences to the Holocaust and it makes a strong statement against animal testing 10 10

    26. BEFORE READINGI know the author is controversial as all hell and the scene I saw from the movie fucked me up for a few hours, but I m still gonna read this Probably How can I not tbh

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