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The Pirate Hunter By Richard Zacks The Pirate Hunter Captain Kidd has gone down in history as America s most ruthless buccaneer fabulously rich burying dozens of treasure chests up and down the eastern seaboard Over the centuries novelists relentles
  • Title: The Pirate Hunter
  • Author: Richard Zacks
  • ISBN: 9780755311316
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Pirate Hunter By Richard Zacks Captain Kidd has gone down in history as America s most ruthless buccaneer, fabulously rich, burying dozens of treasure chests up and down the eastern seaboard Over the centuries, novelists, relentless treasure hunters, and even historians have stoked this pirate legend Robert Louis Stevenson, for one, placed Kidd s Anchorage on Treasure Island But it turns out that Captain Kidd has gone down in history as America s most ruthless buccaneer, fabulously rich, burying dozens of treasure chests up and down the eastern seaboard Over the centuries, novelists, relentless treasure hunters, and even historians have stoked this pirate legend Robert Louis Stevenson, for one, placed Kidd s Anchorage on Treasure Island But it turns out that most everyone, even many respected scholars, have the story all wrong Captain William Kidd was no career cut throat he was a tough, successful New York sea captain who was hired to chase pirates In 1696, he set out on a near impossible mission to travel in a lone ship with a mutinous crew, heading 4,000 miles round the tip of Africa to track down a handful of die before surrender pirates and then bring back their treasure to the governor of New York and other secret backers Through it all, Captain Kidd found himself racing a long forgotten rogue by the name of Robert Culliford, who lured Kidd s crew to mutiny not once, but twice Through research, author Richard Zacks has pieced together the story of Kidd versus Culliford, of pirate hunter versus pirate Culliford climbed from Caribbean cabin boy to pirate captain, once capturing a ship in the Indian Ocean loaded with gold and several dozen wives and daughters of the local Moslem nobility He divvied up both the gold and the women This was an era of tall masted sailing ships, and lords in full wigs the drama on land played out in the smuggler s haven of New York City and in Cotton Mather dominated Boston and in edge of empire London Across the oceans of the world, the pirate hunter, Kidd, pursued the pirate, Culliford One man would hang in the harbor the other would walk away from the treasure The Pirate Hunter is both a masterpiece of historical detective work and a page turner, and it delivers something rare a pirate story for grown ups.
    The Pirate Hunter By Richard Zacks
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      Richard Zacks 1955 was born in Savannah, Georgia but grew up in New York City He was a Classical Greek major at the University of Michigan and studied Arabic in Cairo, Italian in Perugia, and French in the vineyards of France After completing Columbia s Graduate School of Journalism, he wrote a syndicated column for four years carried by the NY Daily News, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News and many others.He keeps a hole in the wall office in Manhattan and lives just outside the city limits in an 1897 stucco house, once used by bootleggers.

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    1. This book is borderline between It was okay and I liked it so, 2 1 2 stars.Basically, you should forget everything you thought you knew about Captain Kidd Which, for me was, He was a pirate Turns out I was even wrong about that Here are the main things I liked about this book 1 The true story of what happened to Captain Kidd is quite interesting.2 It gives you a credible look at what it was really like to be a pirate, in a very entertaining way.3 It was cool to get a feel for what was going on d [...]

    2. I rate this between 2 and 3 stars On one hand, I appreciate all the information and detail that is contained in this book But it becomes incredibly tedious It starts off alright, but by the time you re about halfway through, all the life spark is just buried.

    3. Kids, turns out Captain Kidd was not kidding after all when he said he was not a pirate He was a privateer, and in fact, a pirate hunter There is a difference between a pirate and a privateer, and an important one at that especially in Kidd s case A privateer owns a warship which is commissioned by his country to prey on the commercial shipping or warships of an enemy nation A privateer ship never harms the ships of its home country or even friendlies On the other hand, a pirate is someone who d [...]

    4. The study of piracy allows author Richard Zacks to satisfy his interest in the bizarre and seedy details of the past His ten year old book, The Pirate Hunter, is a colorful and shocking retelling of the life and voyages of Captain William Kidd This work often serves as a delivery device for rare and scandalous descriptions of outmoded behavior patterns from the late 17th century, including sex, classism, violence, and injustice Zacks never fails to find an opening to drop strange details about t [...]

    5. Reviews on this book seem a bit mixed, which puzzles me a bit I found it to be a wonderful read, bringing to life characters such as Captain Kidd and Captain Culliford I had known little about Kidd before reading this except that he was purportedly one of the most notable pirates of the 17th century The truth is far from this, his mistake not becoming a pirate, but trusting powerful, greedy people when his luck was down and they would be liable to face scandal Along the way I learned a bit about [...]

    6. Surprisingly timely pirates and justice.A fascinating, and lengthy, account of the life of Captain Kidd, accused of being a pirate The story itself is fascinating with abundant details of life in the New and Old worlds in the late 1600 s The scope of research is very impressive For those who think todays politics and bureaucracy are rough read this account The book gets better and better as we near the end We learn of the use, and abuse, of habeus corpus the right to a lawyer , so much in the ne [...]

    7. Richard Zacks tells a fast paced account of two pirates in Pirate Hunter The book focuses on Captain Kidd the respectable merchant who bet his fortune on hunting pirates and became the victim of bad misfortune and political luck The other is of Robert Culliford the pirate who serves as Kidd s foil throughout this tale and the target of Kidd s hunt in the Indian Ocean From the economic war between the great nations of the day to the spat between the old and the new East India Trading Company, Zac [...]

    8. Despite the title, this book is actually a biography of two men Kidd, a bullish New York Scottish privateer with bad luck and Robert Culliford, a roguish pirate with extraordinary good luck The men sailed together than once Zacks weaves their stories together as a race of fate, with one headed to the gallows and one to freedom The book is incredibly thorough, delightful during the juicier pirate heavy sections but tiresome during the life chronology Reading through several chapters of Kidd maki [...]

    9. Like any Navy kid growing up, I always dreamed of being a pirate Having grown up, I know it will be just a dream I get the feeling Richard Zacks had the same dreams as a kid Thank God Because the effort he put into The Pirate Hunter just doesn t seem possible for someone with merely a passing interest in piracy The tale of Captain Kidd is an incredible journey into the life of a man who was thrown so many curves, for centuries he was vilified as the very thing he was trying to hunt With incredib [...]

    10. I was as captivated as a small boy might be reading nursery tales about pirates It s so interesting and just captivating This is one of the best pieces of history writing I ve ever read The book is well researched and written It reads like a great fiction book and is loaded with so many details you can picture what life was like in the late 1600 s on the ocean, in the colonies and the US The tales show why young men would rebel against their naval commanders and risk everything to live a wild li [...]

    11. The Pirate Hunter, by Richard Zacks, completely turned around any notion I had about the notorious Captain Kidd Zacks research shows that Captain Kidd s reputation as a villain and terror on the high seas was undeserved Rather, it appears that Kidd was maligned by others for a variety of reasons, which ultimately led to his capture, trial, execution, and his historical reputation as a pirate Zacks narrative gives the reader an appreciation of what life in Britain and the Colonies was like at the [...]

    12. It is interesting how the distinction between a pirate, a privateer, and a business entrepreneur can be as little as a piece of paper signed by a reigning authority a governor or king Companies such as the East India Trading Company are in many ways little than politically sponsored pirates In comparison to the Admirality, pirates are perhaps democratic and equitable, but they are no Robin Hoods.WOOT Spoiler Alert WOOTFor those treasure hunters out there this book indicates there is NO BURIED [...]

    13. I used to think that the golden age of piracy was a time when the true and just Royal Navy defended honest and fearful merchants from the moraly bankrupt and evil pirates But it seems the world was much grey than all that The royal navy often took sailors from merchant vessels by force to fill their ranks, Buccaneers were legal mercenaries allowed to raid ships so long as they were enemies of the queen, and merchants did plenty of exploiting and shipping of contraband too True pirates, it seems [...]

    14. In my opinion, this book was fantastic The author wove multiple narratives together rather seamlessly to compile a very convincing argument that William Kidd was no pirate This book makes a very compelling argument that Kidd acted legally as a privateer under the direction of High nobles and the King himself.Seeing evidence of the corruption, backstabbing, and complete disregard for human life, property, or dignity by a government system meant to protect those very virtues was on one hand fascin [...]

    15. If you love pirates and history Pirate history, of course , this book is for you Okay, so that sounded cheesy and lame However, this book is neither.A very thorough account of Captain Kidd s mis adventures, and how he got completely double crossed and sold out by just about everyone Even i was surprised how bad he had it Despite the thoroughness of Zacks presentation, he manages never to lose the story and it s a good one , so the book never got dry for me You ll also learn a lot about life part [...]

    16. Fascinating broad ranging depiction of the late 17th century world in the American Colonies, England, the Indian Ocean the Caribbean This book follows the misunderstood career of the infamous Captain Kidd Full of vivid, memorable characters A world of slavery, constant war at sea among European powers, burgeoning world girdling commerce in sailing ships, gross class inequality, brutality, piracy Could not be better done But only 4 stars because, like so much of human history, the winners almost [...]

    17. So this was pretty good Interesting to listen to as a story, not just research material The author seems to be a bit of a Kidd fanboy and it shows, but I liked how much of historical background stuff he s included Malagasy customs The only point on which this loses to If A Pirate I Must Be is it completely ignores pirates being anything but heterosexual and the existence of Robert Culliford s male lover Pretty disappointing on that account bc no one seems to remember Culliford besides really obs [...]

    18. This book brings many historical persons that you think you already know to life It is well researched and easy to read, giving the reader a good feel for the life and times of William Kidd et al Being a sailor myself, I found this book a compelling read and still wonder in awe at what it was like 300 years ago to ply my trade Iron men indeed This book was an award winner, and deservedly so.

    19. Zacks is a little rambunctious Flippant Speculative Something, I don t know in tone, but his scholarship seems to be thorough enough He s great at sketching out the cultural details of New York, India, and the Caribbean those are vivid and tactile and he has a great sympathy for Kidd, the pirate hunter who was ironically and, most likely, unjustly hanged for a pirate.

    20. Mr Zacks wrote this so well, I felt like I was there The historical research he did on this was spot on I could smell the smells of the wretched streets in old England I could not put this book down and you won t be able to either

    21. A story that can rival any that Hollywood can produce only that, this one is a true story Captain Jack Sparrow, say hello to a real character from the 17th century, one who may have been framed up and whose reputation tarnished by the real pirate he was tasked to hunt.

    22. I read a lot of history books, thought this book was a great example of story telling The history book reads as though it was a novel, making it a very compelling and interesting read.

    23. If Captain Kidd was anything he was extremely unlucky and naive The one thing he wasn t was a pirate yet he has be so maligned by history that he is remembered as just that a bloodthirsty pirate His ambition led him into a privateering venture on behalf of four highly influential Englishmen and the King of England who secretly hoped to enrich themselves on the profits garnered from pirate spoils Misfortune dogged Kidd at every turn his ship was poorly constructed, he was unable to find a good cr [...]

    24. I found myself getting bogged down by the author s penchant for skipping around in different times For example, you re reading about two pirates and have been reading about them for some time, when suddenly he states, in fact, they had met some time before and then goes to another chapter about what occurred ten years before He does this several times and I found it disconcerting, and in some cases, boring This author also has a way of stating an unpleasantry in a blunt and vulgar manner, that l [...]

    25. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a full and detailed background on Captain Kidd As popular culture will tell you, Captain Kidd was a pirate This book will tell you the real story based on any factual evidence Zacks could find, and that s what makes this book really amazing It can be a bit dull at times for someone that isn t looking for this level of detailed analysis but if you want the real story and the ins and outs of Captain Kidd s life, this is definitely the book for you.

    26. I was amazed at how little I knew about the pirate Captain Kidd and piracy in general The hardships that were endured by pirates were interesting Captain Kidd never did reveal who had hired him to go after pirates who were involved in the killing of British merchants and absconding with the treasures and money that belonged to the British crown Turns out it was members of the British Parliament I got the impression that Captain Kidd took the fall for those members of Parliament and was sad to le [...]

    27. A great book that tells the story of Captain Kidd but is definitely a little slow to start off and switches between several different characters in the beginning making it a little difficult to follow.

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