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Iris & Lily: The Complete Series By Angela Scipioni Julie Scipioni Iris Lily The Complete Series Growing up in the s and s as the youngest daughters in a family of fourteen the sisters Iris and Lily struggle to survive in the chaotic Capotosti household The rage of their hot blooded Italian
  • Title: Iris & Lily: The Complete Series
  • Author: Angela Scipioni Julie Scipioni
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  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Iris & Lily: The Complete Series By Angela Scipioni Julie Scipioni Growing up in the 60s and 70s as the youngest daughters in a family of fourteen, the sisters Iris and Lily struggle to survive in the chaotic Capotosti household The rage of their hot blooded Italian American father, the demands and dictates of the Catholic church, the abuse and intimidation meted out by half a dozen domineering brothers, and the oppression of poverty pGrowing up in the 60s and 70s as the youngest daughters in a family of fourteen, the sisters Iris and Lily struggle to survive in the chaotic Capotosti household The rage of their hot blooded Italian American father, the demands and dictates of the Catholic church, the abuse and intimidation meted out by half a dozen domineering brothers, and the oppression of poverty pave their lives, forcing them to tackle physical and emotional feats beyond their comprehension and power During childhood, Iris and Lily lock arms to care for and protect one another, but as they grow, outside forces begin to drive a wedge between them The blatant favoritism of an aunt, the shame of sexual abuse, socioeconomic shifts, and the eruption of the women s movement become the catalysts that transform their childhood camaraderie into conflict and their affection into alienation Desperate for love, validation, physical care, and freedom they each run headlong into marriage when they are barely out of their teens When Iris marriage transplants her to Italy, the physical and the emotional distance between the young women seems irreconcilable Each time the sisters are reunited to celebrate a holiday or grieve the death of a family member, the unresolved conflicts resurface to confront them, challenging their perceptions of the past and the devotion they once knew.Through their alternating voices and points of view, the two sisters Iris and Lily draw readers into their personal sagas within the Capotosti family relationships, making them relive the romance and expectations of young love, the disappointing realities of adulthood, and the complex dynamics at play between siblings with indomitable spirits who, despite their differences, share a deep sisterly love But is the love between two sisters strong enough to survive the truth they have avoided for so long Can the deeply ingrained dynamic that governs their relationship and their destinies be altered Praised as beyond excellent , raw, real and slightly unnerving , delightful, touching, deep and wise , this three book series about two sisters is a compelling work of contemporary classic literature, a coming of age novel you won t want to end The ebook edition contains all three books in the series A paperback edition is available for each separate book of the Iris Lily series, as Book One, Book Two and Book Three.
    Iris & Lily: The Complete Series By Angela Scipioni Julie Scipioni
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    1. Angela Scipioni Julie Scipioni

      Angela Julie Scipioni are co authors of the triple decker novel, Iris Lily.Angela Scipioni came into the world during a blizzard in the January of 1959, the seventh in a not yet completed lineup of snot nosed, scraggly children Not surprisingly, like generations of romantically inclined, novel devouring young women before her, during a trip to Italy Angela fell in love with the country, its climate, its natural and artistic beauty, its people yes, including its men , language, flavors and flair Not yet 21, bewitched by fantasies of a sunny world filled with love and adventure, she moved to Italy to live out her own fairy story, and draft the first of several versions of a happy ending.Three decades and many twists later, from her home in Liguria, she co authored her first novel, Iris Lily, with her sister Julie, working long distance across the Atlantic for four full years When she is not working on her writing projects, Angela enjoys noodling on her guitar and ukulele, cooking for and with friends, and spending as much time as possible outdoors, gardening, hiking, swimming, visiting with the cats that stop by to be petted and fed, and nurturing her soul with the beauty of God s nature Julie Scipioni is a passionate creative communicator who has embraced writing, speaking, singing, and yoga instruction all as vehicles for telling her story, sharing her energy, and encouraging and teaching others Born in 1960, Julie is also known as Number 8 in her family of 11 children Julie is devoted to the principles of love, peace, and active compassion not as ideals, but as life goals and as guideposts for ethical living In addition to writing, Julie is active in her church, plays the guitar and the ukulele strictly for fun and performs as a vocalist at various social and community events Julie is a fitness buff and an avid cyclist, proud to have put than 11,000 miles on her Specialized road bike Julie lives in Upstate New York with her husband Rick and their two cats, Halo and Stella.

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    1. I truly enjoyed this novel actually books 1 3, and especially books 1 and 3 The authors have given the reader fully formed main characters upon whom the reader can bestow accolades, blessings, reprimands, and or condemnations Opinions of the characters are inevitable and fierce The writing is excellent I wish I would have had this novel to use in my creative writing classes for sentence imitation practice For example She scowled at the hangers, silently accusing them of rebelling against the ord [...]

    2. I ll join all the reviewers of IRIS LILY by saying I loved this book Told in an unusual fashion, the very close 8th and 9th children of 12 in an Italian family seek to write their own chapters to create a book and their e mails back and forth contain comments on what the other sister wrote The writing is excellent and all the characters are fully formed and functional and hit several notes with me as to my own relationship with my sister and growing up in the 50 s and 60 s, recalled my own child [...]

    3. One of the best I ve ever read A must read for anyone raised in a devote Catholic family It will make you laugh, cry and think about how choices define your life It s a book about faith, love and life lessons Loved it

    4. Really liked this book a lot Highly recommended It kept my interest from the first sentence to the last It is a very long book, but it was so good, I still didn t want it to end

    5. Wished for So sorry to read the end wished it could have gone on , sister s always competitive always there if you let them in

    6. Family This is a must read for anyone with a sister, came from a large family or just possibility has a story to tell Loving my sister deeply Even with our difference.

    7. My new all time favoriteIris and Lily has become my all time favorite book I loved every word of this book Iris Lily has moved The Thornbirds and Pillars of the Earth to 2nd and 3rd place as my all time favorite books I could relate to many experiences the sisters had as I compared my sister and I to Iris Lily s story From rubber bands holding up knee socks that had lost their elasticity and sharing bedtime stories and dreams to feeling as if one life was a better life then the other s to findin [...]

    8. Siblings RivalryA large family of 12 kidswe large family of 12 siblings would naturally cause rivalry probably daily The dynamics of such a large family just blows my mind This family had so many dysfunctional things going it was hard to keep up.

    9. Compelling The story of two sisters who grew up close in a large family, until life took them in different directions This is the story of their separate but joined lives and how they found their way back to each other Amy one who is a sister will relate to the dynamics of their relationship and depth of their love for one another.

    10. Bitter sweetI laughed, I cried, I empathised First I was Iris then lily then Iris.over and again The insight into family dynamics is soul wrenching.

    11. One minor spoiler in paragraph four As other reviewers have noted, the Kindle version is actually book 1, 2, and 3, all rolled into one I m using that fact to console myself that it took me a full month to read this book Unfortunately it only counts as one in my reading challenge for 2016 I feel like I bought some hype with this book I honestly believe that if it hadn t kept popping up in my Facebook newsfeed, touted as one of the best books of the year, I wouldn t feel so put off If I had found [...]

    12. I am not sure why, but this book really pulled me in I felt for the two little girls Iris Lily, the 8th and 9th children in a family of twelve children I could identify with being part of a large Catholic family but really there were not a lot of similarities between their family and the one I grew up in Their trials and tribulations grabbed me in As they grew, some of their choices were irritating to me I felt they should have been smarter But then, most of us have made choices that in hind sig [...]

    13. This 3 book trilogy is the story of two Italian Catholic sisters lives from a family of 12 children, written by them, from childhood to adulthood and the different paths they take The format is incredibly unusual two sisters agree to write the books together Between chapters, there are emails to and from each other discussing what the other wrote They discover while reading each others chapters that although they were incredibly close as children, they knew little of each other as adults It is c [...]

    14. This was a complete set of three books about the two youngest girls in a family of twelve kids Life in a large Italian Catholic family is never dull or easy Someone is always lost in the shuffle even when you re told that everyone is loved the same When their mother makes a life changing decision Iris and Lilly are depended on to pick up the slack The pressure of this leads both the girls to forgo their dreams and make some compromising life choices It takes years for this once tight knit pair t [...]

    15. I am still thinking about who I amI think this is the first time I ve ever read a book that made me look at my life closer rather than getting so absorbed in the characters lives that I missed the meanings I gleaned from reading their story I m the same age as the authors Grew up with the same quandaries about marriage and babies and one foot in the stay at home camp and one foot in being employed outside the home Once I started reading, I couldn t put it down Well done, ladies.

    16. Saga of SistersThis very authentic tale of two sisters growing up in a large family took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride Their lives rang true in what it is like to end up children of divorce and how that impacts future relationships The storytelling captivated me so that I found myself reading for hours caught up in the challenges each of them faced As the story concluded I found myself wanting there to be

    17. When I began the long wonderfully detailed story I was not sure what to expect Having become so familiar with the family and all the characters, I longed for it to never end Many of the lessons Iris and Lily learned became so clear in my own life s journey I would recommend this to all of my friends.If you are searching for a good long read, this is it.

    18. MyselfIt has taken me several weeks to complete the entire series Many times I considered not finishing it, not because it wasn t good but because it so close home to my own relationship with my sister I am so glad I never quit An excellent book on the incite into family relationships Everyone with siblings should read it.

    19. What a lovely story Life in a big family is covered here by two sisters bringing you to many different emotions It cuts right to the heart You continually wonder where it is going to end but you can t put it down till does come to completion And then you wish for Excellent writing.

    20. One of my favorite books EVER Highly recommend it.a wonderful journey.I found the story compelling and nostalgicought me back to the past, savoring the scenes and even at times had me cringing for the brutal realities that face women.e eternal quest for happiness and peace within

    21. This collection mtook a long time to finish, but it was worth it As a person who grew up in the same era as the Capotosti sisters, with the same religious background, I was drawn in right away An often sad story about the adventures and heartbreak of sisters whose lives took very different directions I recommend

    22. Excellent book, I couldn t wait to pick it up each day I chose this rating because this book left me wanting to find out about Lilly and Iris I read this faster than I have other books

    23. Good ReadTook me a little while to get right into this book Almost gave up at the beginning but so glad I didn t Eventually I couldn t put it down Cried a few times for both Iris and Lily Would recommend.

    24. Great book Had to step away from this several times, mostly because of the emotions that it stirs up and how exhausting they could be However, it goes on my short list of favorite titles of all time.

    25. Review of Iris and LilyLoved the formatExcellent vivid descriptions of both Italy and RochesterGot to the heart and soul of both sistersI felt nostalgic for my life in a very large family and couldn t help comparing their feedings and experiences with mine

    26. One of the best books I ve read recently.I enjoyed this book very much The characters were very realistic This was a very long book but I loved every minute of it I will recommend it to my friends.

    27. I read all of the wonderful reviews and was looking forward to this book But I got no than 100 pages and set it down easily And I m not one to give up on a book I was completely underwhelmed by the plodding plot and not at all captivated by the characters Definitely a disappointment.

    28. Pulled me inAt first it was slow going, then, I couldn t stop reading I love big family stories I think I would recommend it to my favorite pair of sisters,my daughter s.

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