The Voyages of Sindbad #2020

The Voyages of Sindbad By Anonymous N.J. Dawood The Voyages of Sindbad SEVEN VOYAGESVEN MISSIONSY ONE MAN HAS SURVIVED THEMA poor man meets a great sailor and asks to hear his tale He is amazed to be told of seven journeys to foreign lands every one ending in shipwreck
  • Title: The Voyages of Sindbad
  • Author: Anonymous N.J. Dawood
  • ISBN: 9780141026442
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Voyages of Sindbad By Anonymous N.J. Dawood SEVEN VOYAGESVEN MISSIONSY ONE MAN HAS SURVIVED THEMA poor man meets a great sailor and asks to hear his tale He is amazed to be told of seven journeys to foreign lands, every one ending in shipwreck Sindbad the Sailor has grown rich from his travels, but his path to fortune has been anything but easy.
    The Voyages of Sindbad By Anonymous N.J. Dawood
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      Anonymous N.J. Dawood

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    1. Anonymous N.J. Dawood

      Books can be attributed to Anonymous for several reasons They are officially published under that name They are traditional stories not attributed to a specific author They are religious texts not generally attributed to a specific author Books whose authorship is merely uncertain should be attributed to Unknown.

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    1. The voyages of sindbad, the story of the man who survived First of all I would like to say that I picked this book because it was small not that I always select small books but as I was in mood of some light reading Sindbad is really a typical hero different from others, the book is different thaN the other adventure stories where morality is the first thing to see no sindabad is all about making the toughest decision of life, about the survival instincts and the ability to adapt, about never gi [...]

    2. These adventures of Sinbad s became so repetitive in such a short book Get s on a ship, ends up overboard or stranded and has to find his way home Chapter after Chapter, the same thing over and over again I would definitely say this book is for children 7 and up It does talk about sailors drowning and dying etcIt s a chapter book for children with some small pictures on the pages There are also some comic book style thought bubbles coming out of some of the pictures After reading this, it makes [...]

    3. A t on vraiment hi Sindbad le Marin Si pour des millions de lecteurs le nom magique de Sindbad est ins parable de celui de Sch h razade, c est gr ce un subterfuge d Antoine Galland, premier traducteur des Mille et une nuits au XVIIIe si cle Car les aventures de l intr pide marin, Ren R Khawam nous le prouve, n ont jamais fait partie des Nuits Mieux, le texte qu en donna Galland, et que la plupart des diteurs ont repris d apr s lui, n est que l adaptation , fort dulcor e, d un roman compos Bagdad [...]

    4. Seven voyages Seven missions Only one man has survived them A poor man Sindbad the Porter meets a man who shares his name a great sailor who welcomes him to his house and to his table The former was amazed to be told of seven journeys to foreign lands, every one ending in shipwreck As he listens, the traveler describes a flight on a giant bird, battles with foes including giant serpents, brutal cannibals and the murderous Old Man of the Sea, and the discovery of diamonds Sindbad the Sailor has g [...]

    5. Being part of so many book clubs means I m often compelled to read things I wouldn t otherwise have chosen for myself Such is the story of my encounter with this slim volume An easy and entertaining read on a summer s day, each of Sindbad s voyages is outlandishly dangerous and remarkable than the last From Rocs to a charnel cave, apes, giants, cannibals and tons of treasure, Sindbad survives to tell the tale and then ventures out again for A little repetitive, but ridiculously good fun It mak [...]

    6. Formulaic in the best sense, like the oldest stories that were built for memory across generations, but the inner story of each voyage is great fun, like the story of the rocs, the giant birds These seafaring tales of a trader with a love of travel also offer insights into the ancient world.

    7. Mega cl ssico da literatura mundial, n o tem como n o se deleitar em suas p ginas Tendo sempre em mente que o melhor n o pegar nada de segunda m o, quem ler este livro vai beber na fonte de in meras varia es e influ ncias na cultura ocidental O g nero fant stico torna ainda mais interessante.

    8. i picked this book up to read becasue it was very small you know, fits in a pocket, read it on the bus small i dont really ever ride the bus, but that is neither here nor there becasue i dont really ever have specified blocks of time to read i figured shorter smaller easier reads would be, well, easierd this was an easy read it was the seven voyages of sindbad and another story of ma aruf and fatimah i literally just finished the second story, and with about ten pages left i found myself thinkin [...]

    9. No me gust nada este libro que me hicieron leer en clase Nuestro h roe no es un muy buen ejemplo para esta historia que es un cuento para ni os, ya que prefiere matar a la gente de las maneras m s atroces que tener que morir el, es machista y racista no lo le is

    10. This is a review of the 1955 Heritage Press edition, chock full of interesting illustrations Once again, I seem to have forgotten the unrepentant cruelty and questionable morality of another childhood favorite Sindbad is quite the sharp operator, constantly beating the odds because of his willingness to cheat or kill any friend or foe standing in his way Maybe I fail to appreciate the subtleties of the Oriental mind, but Sindbad seems to me a very questionable hero or maybe he is the original an [...]

    11. Con este libro pasaras por muchas aventuras, 7 para ser precisos Es un libro que deja muy buenas reflexiones, en especial sobre lo importante que es valorar la vida que tenemos y que en los momentos m s dif ciles, cuando parece no haber salida, la esperanza te sacar adelante Tambi n analiz ndolo desde un punto de vista financiero, da muy buenos tips de qu debe hacerse para generar una mayor riqueza, y como no siempre el dinero es la soluci n para ser m s ricos, y c mo esforz ndote en el trabajo [...]

    12. It is a simple story, but i sometimes felt bored from voyage and anotherbut it is very interesting for kids they will like it a lotAnd the moral from this story in my opinion Use your mind that some of us forget that they have MINDAs i think the reason is they wanna humor the life and escape from live a real life what is they need to doFrom this story Sindbad could skip his hard situations in all his seven voyages by used his mind.

    13. This is the first book I ve ever read, I was 8 years old and I barely knew how to read I found the book and had the child curiosity to know what s inside, I started reading and it turned out to be a pleasing experience it took me like a month to finish it but it was definitely a fascinating book full of magical places and supernatural creaturesSinbad was the hero during his voyages throughout the seas, he has fantastic adventures meeting monsters and encountering supernatural phenomena.

    14. A great way to introduce these stories to kids who can listen to a longer book Quentin Blake s lively illustrations and John Yeoman s retellings the two also teamed up for the great Mouse Trouble, one of the funniest picture books around are a perfect match and the large format is gorgeous Very nicely done.

    15. Read when I was still young, this story better than Gulliver s Travels has the potential for making kids interested for fiction Although elders won t enjoy it, but gift this to kids they ll remember you for a long time.

    16. Simb , o her i dessas hist rias, embarca em um navio mercante movido pela curiosidade de conhecer o mundo e ganhar algum dinheiro Partindo do porto de Basrah, ele viaja pelos sete mares e vive grandes aventuras.

    17. I found a copy translated into English, but I did not realize how small the print was Despite bifocals and perseverance I could not read the booka first for me Perhaps I need a new categorye related inability to read.

    18. How he wanted to go on a second voyage is beyond me, and after 3 mishaps you really think he ought to have learned Totally unbelievable.

    19. This book was ma first introduction to Sindbad I liked the book a lot Since then,I have always enjoyed Sindbad s tales and adventures that appear in one children s magazine or the other.

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