The Shortest History of Germany #2020

The Shortest History of Germany By James Hawes The Shortest History of Germany None
  • Title: The Shortest History of Germany
  • Author: James Hawes
  • ISBN: 9781910400418
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Shortest History of Germany By James Hawes None
    The Shortest History of Germany By James Hawes
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    1. A revisionist history at odds with everything else I ve read This is not a history, it is a thesis that boils down to an evil race of East Germans that are hell bent on destroying the world for the last 150 years It s mainly supported with dog whistle factoids, deliberate misinterpretations and outright falsehoods Either the author has been paid to deliberately write this argument or he is congenitally dishonest.It s well written and easily consumed, the first 1500 years are gobbled up and its t [...]

    2. Not my sort of book, but interesting thesis.The author s thesis is that the eastern parts of Germany are culturally different to the rest of Germany, and were responsible for starting and losing both world wars Essentially the parts of Germany that the Romans never occupied and were outside the Holy Roman Empire are the ones that caused all the problems.The history in the book is superficial a lot of ground covered in very few pages, very little detail, and only point supporting the thesis get a [...]

    3. Excellent little primer on a fascinating subject, of which we hear so little Germany s place as a continuum of the Holy Roman Empire, just trying to be a Good European, but manipulated by Prussia into catastrophic world wars It puts modern day Germany into a proper historical context, stretching back to Roman times, explaining why being in a federal Europe suits it so well His writing is straightforward, amusing, and avoids academese it zips along.

    4. Finally understood what Prussia was After all these years of seeing it appearing and disappearing in European history maps It is safe to say this author is no big fan of it.

    5. Hawes presents an easy read and an interesting argument for a German history book His main hypothesis being that the old Roman Western Germany survived as a cultural entity over two thousand years and is distinct from what he calls East Elbia a non Western Germany historically based on Prussia I found most of it a refreshing take on history that is also plausible However, at times, this pity for the Western Germans who never really could unite, never really had a say in the German Empire of 1871 [...]

    6. Dit voelt meer als een pamflet dan als een serieus geschiedenisboek De eerst helft bestrijkt grofweg de periode tot 1812, en daarin buitelen de personen, jaartallen en plaatsen over je heen Eigenlijk is er maar 1 ding dat je volgens de auteur hoeft te onthouden de barbaren komen uit het oosten De tweede helft probeert hij vervolgens duidelijk te maken dat deze barbaren de veroorzakers zijn van alle ellende die Duitsland de laatste 200 jaar is overkomen.Noem mij een zeur, maar ik vind het allemaa [...]

    7. I really appreciate it when historians make the effort to write short books I know it takes much effort but the value to the reader it significant and makes it easier to grasp the big picture and to build the backbone narrative on which you can later hang detail and nuances Having read a bit about the complex history of this interesting country I have called home for over a decade, the most significant new insight I gleaned from this reading was the suggestion that Germany was not fully unifie [...]

    8. Easy read, if you want detail and facts, don t buy a book with the words in the tittle A shortest history.I m not a historian, I ve not read thousands of books, but I enjoyed learning about a great country than I knew before Money well spent for me.All that said I can t help but wonder what the angle is, it felt a bit like east giving the west a bad name.

    9. Very well condensed and interesting history of Germany The main thesis that all Germany s problems lie east of the Elbe is well thought out and convincingly made Lots of nuggets who would have thought that religion, whether you were a Lutheran was the best guide to whether you were likely to support the Nazis

    10. It s historical overview reads well and is well written There is one big but though the book cultivates a bizar thesis on east german culture everyone living east of the river Elbe is by nature some sort of xenophobic war monger, regardless of their socioeconomic umwelt that needs to be discarted right away.

    11. While I can t totally buy into his idea that eastern Germany is so culturally different that it shouldn t be considered part of the West, the book is a very entertaining and informing read.

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