Molly Fyde and the Land of Light #2020

Molly Fyde and the Land of Light By Hugh Howey Molly Fyde and the Land of Light I need you to help me rescue your father_ With those words Molly Fyde and the rest of the known universe will never be the same What began as a simple task to retrieve her father s spaceship has tur
  • Title: Molly Fyde and the Land of Light
  • Author: Hugh Howey
  • ISBN: 9780982611906
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Molly Fyde and the Land of Light By Hugh Howey I need you to help me rescue your father_ With those words, Molly Fyde and the rest of the known universe will never be the same What began as a simple task to retrieve her father s spaceship, has turned into than Molly bargained for Setting off to reconnect with her past, she is about to meet it in a way she never expected Head on Her father is alive Her mothe I need you to help me rescue your father_ With those words, Molly Fyde and the rest of the known universe will never be the same What began as a simple task to retrieve her father s spaceship, has turned into than Molly bargained for Setting off to reconnect with her past, she is about to meet it in a way she never expected Head on Her father is alive Her mother s memories are trapped inside the very ship which bears her name On the run from her own Navy, Molly and her crew are now tasked with the impossible Rescue her parents Save the galaxy End a war But before they can attempt such heroics, Molly must first save a friend One of her crew members is in trouble, their life hanging by a thread And the only race of people Molly can turn to just happens to be the very aliens she s been raised to fear, trained to meet in battle Drenard Homeworld of humanity s sworn enemy And the next stop for the starship Parsona.
    Molly Fyde and the Land of Light By Hugh Howey
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      Hugh Howey

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      I m the author of WOOL, a top 5 science fiction book on I also wrote the Molly Fyde saga, a tale of a teenager from the 25th century who is repeatedly told that girls can t do certain things and then does them anyway.A theme in my books is the celebration of overcoming odds and of not allowing the cruelty of the universe to change who you are in the process Most of them are classified as science fiction, since they often take place in the future, but if you love great stories and memorable characters, you ll dig what you find here I promise.

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    1. Molly Fyde and the Land of Light is a spectacular, captivating, and shocking follow up to The Parsona Rescue.Howey s debut, Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue was amazing, but Land of Light was even impressive The novel starts off with an intriguing prologue, and the first chapter pulled me back into the story with ease As the pages turn, this novel grips you entirely With each startling secret or shocking moment, I became entranced by the story This is not a series you want to miss If you love [...]

    2. It was hard for me to put a rating on this second book in the series I was a bit tempted to take it down to 3 stars, because everything didn t quite add up, but in the end I settled on 4, hoping that the next 2 in the series close it off well and fix some of the issues I felt with this one.In this second book, the characters are still strong, and the storyline is interesting However, parts of it felt somewhat disjointed at times, and by the end I did not get the satisfaction I expected out of it [...]

    3. Molly Fyde and the Land of Light The Bern Saga Book 2 by Hugh HoweyI can t say enough about how good this book is Each world is richly drawn out it such a fashion that it helps explain the motivations of many of the important characters from within the context of their cultures The cultures are often derived around the worlds themselves and sometimes out of misconceptions or at least faulty conclusions as regards how the races perceive their world and their place in the universe.Molly Fyde comes [...]

    4. This installment in the Bern series takes Molly and her crew to Drennard, the home of the enemy humans have been fighting for years Once again this story is pretty much a non stop action adventure sci fi ride The main characters in these stories are somewhat young, but that hasn t detracted from my enjoyment of the series at all It would probably enjoyable to teen sci fi fans, but that doesn t mean it isn t meant for the rest of us to read I hate it when people complain that the characters in a [...]

    5. When I read Hugh Howey books, the phrase that always pops into my head is great and terrible beauty There is something about the way he writes his characters that is so excruciatingly beautiful and sad It s wonderful and you become so attached and then he snatches all that goodness right away from you until before you know it, you re crying your eyes out and telling yourself, I m waiting a FREAKING YEAR before I read the next one because I just can t take the PAIN I mean, I m a nervous wreck ove [...]

    6. This book was absolutely amazing It is rare for me to power through a book, or lose track of time while reading Land of Light had me from the 1st page or accurately the last page of the 1st book Having taken the time to establish the characters and the world that they live in throughout the 1st book Howey lets it all loose in the 2nd book sending those characters on a roller coaster ride that just does not quit I am not one to recap plots, there is plenty of that around What I can say is that i [...]

    7. Great story I was so on edge that I had to read the synopsis of the 3rd book to reassure myself certain characters were going to make it Molly could be a bit annoying when she s bantering with Cole, but she s 16 for Drenard s sakeLOL Walter was most def, the hero of this one I can t wait to get the 3rd book, it s for a steal on the audible whispersync tie in right now

    8. Decent if you like space opera I like the Silo series by the same author so giving this series a chance though not really my style I like hard sci fi Main protagonist seems very girlie which seems odd in today s fiction This might be done purposefully as a character development thing will continue the second book to see.The science bits will make you cringe if you like hard sci fi Even simple things like banking in space and watching the lasers shoot by in slow motion make it seem like somethin [...]

    9. Better than the first in seriesStill somewhat disappointed after reading doesn t quite match the quality of WOOL series but is a much better book than the first Molly Fyde novel Leaves you with a great cliffhanger as well Will read the next one and hope for improvement.

    10. Again this is just a great series The universe that Hugh Howey created is so well imagined and depicted and his characters are so great to get to know Seriously can t recommend it enough.

    11. An entertaining young adult sci fi sequel to Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue, with action, twists, a good plot, and memorable characters The pace races near the end There are many cliffhangers, especially at the end Some layers of the mystery from the first book are removed in this one, only to reveal layers beneath view spoiler The Wadi hunt dragged a bit and was longer than necessary hide spoiler

    12. I can t decide if this was the best book of the series or if that honor belongs to the Parsona Rescue Either way, the first half of this series is excellent Enjoy it while it lasts.

    13. This book picks up exactly where the first book left off, and we get directly right back into the action One thing that I really love about Hugh Howey s books is that there is rarely a lull in the action, and this book is no exception Lot s of twists and turns, and certainly not a boring read.Another thing that I love about Hugh Howey s books is the way that he draws the reader in to the setting of the books You really get a feel that you are actually there Sometimes it is hard to visualize what [...]

    14. Combined review for books 1 4 Would rate 3.5 if I could.Reads almost exactly like a Heinlein juvenile, except a female lead and a much nastier body count With all the characterization problems of a Heinlein juvenile, and iffier science.

    15. This book is awesome It really is It reminds me a bit of the Hunger Games mixed with Ender s Game Not that this book is about any game at all though I really don t know how to write reviews without adding spoilers or what is considered a spoiler, so I ll just say thisAfter reading his first book WOOL, I decided that I was a Hugh Howey fan After reading his Molly Fyde book, I decided that he is on the top of my I will always read everything he puts out list I love his writing style and I love his [...]

    16. I was so excited when I got this book second book in the series as I really liked the first one, Molly Fyde and the Persona Rescue , and this one did not disappoint I was pulled right back into the story with the prologue and was hooked again after reading the first couple chapters Parts of the story alternated between the POV s of different characters At first I wasn t too sure of this change in narrative as I enjoyed reading from Molly s perspective But as I kept reading I found myself getting [...]

    17. Much better than the previous and the story was much engaging Although it still felt a bit like the main character was stumbling at times, it was nice to have a bit of the overarch explained and revealed so we could actually know what s going on.The characters were better this time, although a few inconsistencies frustrated me For a child genius it takes Molly way too long to work out the things going on around her, even with glaringly obvious clues rammed down her throat Also I was confused w [...]

    18. Believe it or not, I liked this one even better than the first book in the series There was going on, both for Molly and in the universe, and there were some real troubles Molly had to face in this book It continues to get better My one complaint In the book, Howey sets up a conceit where no one knows Molly s name is actually spelled Mollie except her parents and her So when her mother appears and speaks to Molly, Howey writes Mollie but only sometimes it s actually a little inconsistent, and i [...]

    19. Another 3.5 on this one, and another ending that pushes me to download the next book which I think is the final book in the series Really interesting concepts around life after death, alternate planes of existence, cross species love, and friendship But there is still something that doesn t feel quite complete to me, what is it The writing is solid, there is humor, it s smart, sci fi geek reading.I don t know I found myself reading very quickly almost with an I need to finish this, I owe it to t [...]

    20. I think the most endearing and moving undercurrent in this series is how the characters all endure such trials, challenges, even horrors and torture, and emerge without being irreparably scarred, even still with this cloak of innocence They are courageous, even when they feel paralyzed with fear, and never quit even when it seems they are trapped and there is no way out It is this lingering innocence that seemed to lend them their strength and moved them forward with hope, even as they faced the [...]

    21. AhMolly Fyde should be the YA hero of the yearThis series is so much interesting than vampires and zombies She portrays a strong independent young woman with values, and I love that The entire series is well written, with action that keeps the pages turning I could never find a stopping point And the supporting characters are all fully fleshed out and credible, and I had strong feelings about each of them Dang Walter I loved the Wool series so I was familiar with Hugh s writing, but he switched [...]

    22. Absolutely fantastic You got mystery, adventure, bravery, sacrifice, love, betrayal, a great cliffhanger ending but none of that is the best part The best part is the imagination that went in to telling this story It s so unique nothing I could have imagined up myself in a million years I love that about Hugh Howey Plus, this is a perfect testament to my policy of not starting a series until all the books are written and I can read the whole series at once These are the biggest cliffhangers I ve [...]

    23. This is part 2 in Hugh Howey s Molly Fyde series, following a teenage space pilot as she searches for her long lost parents My biggest complaint with this series is that it just keeps barreling forward and rarely takes a second to catch its breath There s a point when that breakneck speed is so fast that important plot elements start to slip past and the reader loses a sense of what s important That s how this one started to feel It s also disappointing that it s now entered the realm of a true [...]

    24. This book continues where the first leaves off, and has even of the Star Trek big weird universe with death around every corner feeling.The best part of the book is when the crew lands on Drenard and has to become Drenards themselves by passing a trial That whole bit is pretty awesome I loved the trial, and I loved the whole chase scene afterwards It added a tremendous amount of depth to the universe and the plot line, and is definitely the strongest part of the series to this point.The book is [...]

    25. This book is much better than the first in the series It s still written for a younger audience, but it s no where near as juvenile as the previous book My biggest issue is that in every sticky situation the characters find themselves, they come up with a very complicated way of escaping after being in the situation for no time at all There is no development of the situation It s get in trouble, get out of trouble, wash, rinse, repeat Maybe it s because this series is for younger adults That bei [...]

    26. Seriously AddictiveThe characters are growing and the map of this world has opened up even So many interesting things are happening and mysteries still need to be uncovered Where will this story go from here This is just as good as the first book and I can t wait to the next one I have reviewed books 1 4.First Book review showThrid Book review showForth Book review show

    27. A continuation of the Molly Fyde and crew adventure When I finished this book, I immediately went looking for the next installment a sure sign of my approval of any book There is enough suspense to keep you turning pages, enough action to make your heart beat fast, enough romance which isn t very much this is a scifi book, not a romance novel to make the character human even those who are not.

    28. Much, much better than the first book in the series Applause When I read Molly Fyde 1, I was apprehensive that this series would be a slightly younger version of Ender s saga, what with the Academy, children training on simulators to kill alien forces, alien forces not being the real threat, and so on and so forth However, my fears were mostly baseless.I would still say that these books are for children, but I think adults can find them enjoyable as well Thanks, Hugh

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