The Year She Fell #2020

The Year She Fell By Alicia Rasley The Year She Fell The tragic mystery at the heart of their family has finally surfaced When Presbyterian minister Ellen Wakefield O Connor is confronted by a young man armed with a birth certificate that mistakenly nam
  • Title: The Year She Fell
  • Author: Alicia Rasley
  • ISBN: 9781611940008
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Year She Fell By Alicia Rasley The tragic mystery at the heart of their family has finally surfaced When Presbyterian minister Ellen Wakefield O Connor is confronted by a young man armed with a birth certificate that mistakenly names her as his mother, she quickly sorts out the truth his birth mother listed Ellen on the certificate to cover up her own identity, but also because Ellen is, in a wayThe tragic mystery at the heart of their family has finally surfaced When Presbyterian minister Ellen Wakefield O Connor is confronted by a young man armed with a birth certificate that mistakenly names her as his mother, she quickly sorts out the truth his birth mother listed Ellen on the certificate to cover up her own identity, but also because Ellen is, in a way, related to the child The birth father is Ellen s troubled husband, Tom The secrets of the past soon engulf Ellen, Tom, and everyone they love This drama of love, loss, family and betrayal will capture readers with its unforgettable power.
    The Year She Fell By Alicia Rasley
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      Alicia Rasley

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      Alicia Rasley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Year She Fell book, this is one of the most wanted Alicia Rasley author readers around the world.

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    1. I can t believe I read this whole book, but I am cheap free on Kindle , stubborn to a fault perhaps , and curious about how the author would make this work out This started off pretty good, actually and then it was like the author couldn t figure out how to fit it together, so she just flipped POV and trod over the same ground repeatedly until she got to the end Kind of like what you might do as a writing exercise when you re stuck, not when writing an ACTUAL BOOK.I also thought it very strange [...]

    2. When Ellen Wakefield O Connor is confronted by a young man with a birth certificate that mistakenly names her as the mother, she quickly tries to get to the truth behind it She learns the birth mother was trying to cover up her identity, but eventually, Ellen learns she is related to the child The father is Ellen s husband Tom Soon the secrets of the past threaten to tear them apart, and other long buried family secrets come to light also.This story of love, loss, and betrayal is told by the poi [...]

    3. The writing style of this particular book kept me turning pages well past my bedtime The characters were brilliant and so very life real The actual story is told from four main characters and each add something the other didn t as it was a different person The mystery unravels as the story progresses and with each chapter you learn something new Emotions and feelings from the character reach out to your own heart and you really know The ending seemed a bit rushed compared to the pace of the rest [...]

    4. For a free book, this really wasn t bad It feels like a juicy day time soap opera that s compelling and cheesy at the same time It s a mystery set in a small college town in West Virginia It s a bit trashy who got who pregnant did so and so die by accident by suicide by gasp murder The only thing that drove me nuts is the author recounted the exact same situations from different character s points of view Although interesting to hear what the characters thought, it became very redundant.So if yo [...]

    5. A free download for my Kindle that is no longer free I was pleasantly surprised how good it was Instantly hooked mea young boy looking for his birth mother finds the woman whose name is on the original birth certificate She s a minister, but knows she s not the mother can prove that because she had a daughter months before his birth But why is her name on the birth certificate Aha good read for the mystery, love, suspense entertaining I really did love this book It would make a good Lifetime mov [...]

    6. I downloaded this for free as a Kindle book I got caught up in it immediately, to the point that I was willing to read it on my small iPhone screen The story begins when a Presbyterian minister is confronted by a young man with a birth certificate showing her as his mother She proves to him that this is impossible, since her only child was born just a few months later, and then notices he looks exactly like his fatherher husband She goes back to her small WV hometown to think things over, and di [...]

    7. So far this book is reminding of Secrets Sisters Keep Rasley talks a lot about Psychology, but it seems like her depth of knowledge on the topic doesn t go beyond a rudimentary online search of Adler s theories on sibling birth order and a quick overview of a high school Psychology text book I ll keep reading, and let you know what I think when I finish Update After a few chapters of Ellen s story, it switches to Laurie s story This was a nice change and I think Rasley did a good job of giving t [...]

    8. This book starts out interesting, but then just becomes unbelievable Author tries to pack too many mysteries to solve in one book One gets solved and then you are onto another one Certain parts of the plot don t even make sense to me like the mystery of who is the character s mother that appears in the beginning Also, the scene where one of the characters meets up with her brother is awkward and unrealistic and I can not even fathom why the author put it in the book Some things happen too coinci [...]

    9. Eh I won t give a rundown of the storyline or give out any spoilers, but there were far too many characters and at the end I wasn t satisfied with the big reveal It felt way too contrived The story felt like it went on forever because just as you approach the end the character voice changes and brings you back to the beginning from a different point of view Fine if it s done once, but not 4 times beyond the original character.

    10. Enjoyable story with some mystery, told from multiple perspectives I liked the different perspectives, and even though I figured out the biggest part of the mystery about halfway through, it kept me interested, wondering how it all came to be, as mysteries unfolded I felt like the characters were a bit cardboard, but I enjoyed the story.

    11. What I learned from this book is that everyone has secrets.Some keep them better than others Mrs Wakefield, Tom, Cathy and President Udrich , but some once they sniff it, cannot rest until they discover the truth Jackson, Ellen, Brian, Theresa.The first chapter piqued my interest and I stayed on till the end, in search of answers that were there in the very beginning.If you are into women s fiction and love some family drama, then this is the kind of book you d love to have on your tbr list I re [...]

    12. Riveting Everyone has a secret Some than one Family divided but still they stick together This is one you won t want to put down

    13. I enjoyed reading this book The main thread, the search of a birth mother, a cause of death and the truth, was revealed in surprising twists and turns, and with some amusing diversions I worked out the cause of death quite early on, and was surprised when no one picked up on the massive death scene clue not even the author, apparently I took longer in working out the birth mother, but that was due to information availablility.To contrast with the main story threads, there were lighter moments I [...]

    14. This book was 2.5 stars for me It was a decent read but I had a hard time getting past some of the inconsistencies at the beginning The biggest one was what I assume was a mistake the story begins with a young man looking for his birth mother, who was incorrectly listed on his birth certificate The first time the birth certificate is referenced, the boy was born in 1986 Then throughout the rest of the book, Ellen, the main character keeps mentioning that the boy must have been conceived born in [...]

    15. This book starts out from the point of view of Ellen Wakefield O Connor, as she finds out a deeply buried secret about her husband Tom From there it moves through several different characters points of view, as secrets are unearthed about the old rich family that Ellen belongs to in West Virgina I ll be honest, the jumping around of points of view annoyed me I normally love it when a story is told by many characters, but in this instance once you left a characters point of view, you never came [...]

    16. This book was a big surprise to me When I started reading it at first I lost interest pretty fast After a chapter or two I decided it just wasn t for me and I removed it from my kindle A few days later though I got onto the Cloud Reader on my PC and began to read it Why I don t really know.After reading it for a while in class I was hooked I began to enjoy it and wanted to hear the rest This book ALWAYS surprised me When I thought I d figured it out, something would shift in the story line and m [...]

    17. The Year She Fell is a book about this women Ellen Wakefield and her family Her family is really rich and are one of the founders and wealthiest families in the town she grew up in In this book Ellen goes back home after learning that her husband had another child That happened before there marriage This book is manily about the families secrets which all come out The message in this book is that everything truly is not what it seems Their family seems so perfect but as the secrets come out you [...]

    18. Another free Kindle download that I wouldn t normally read but I found myself liking Part mystery, part crazy rich family, part too much family drama The novel is set in the mountains of West Virginia, and the Wakefields are richest family of their town The book is told from several different perspectives the 3 Wakefield sisters Ellen, Laurie and Theresa, as well as Ellen and Laurie s men Tom and Jackson Mrs Wakefield is the social matriarch of her town, and has done a LOT of lying to protect he [...]

    19. I was hesitant with this book based on some of the reviews that I read, but I m glad that I stuck with it The beginning I didn t like so much Ellen s point of view I liked the first chapter, it was intriguing but then I felt like it went off course However, the I read, the I really liked the book I think it all came together really well in the end.I do agree with some of the other people s reviews about the ending, that it was sort of lame and that it almost felt like a copout because the auth [...]

    20. Read as a free kindle download This is not the kind of thing I would usually read, but after a chapter I was drawn in by the curious circumstances surrounding the character of Ellen.Ellen was a teacher for many years, then became a minister With her teenage daughter away at summer camp, her world is turned upside down When a boy barely older than her own child shows up with a birthcertificate baring her name While dealing with the boy Ellen must try to get her sisters to help find what might be [...]

    21. This book would have been better written in the style of Mary Higgins Clark Take the five different viewpoints and weave them together in shorter snippets around the events instead of recovering old ground with each character However, to give Alicia Rasley credit, each viewpoint does take you closer to the conclusion than the previous one, which creates the plot building effect I felt the story had climaxed before we got to Theresa or Jackson Theresa s viewpoint caught my interest at the point w [...]

    22. It is interesting that the reviews for this book are all over the place The book is definitely for serious readers It is a complex story about a boy looking for his birth mother who ultimately connects to a family with that is distant and scared by secrets The central characters include 4 sisters one deceased under suspicious circumstances of a wealthy family and their strong willed mother Their relationships are polite but strained as each harbors secrets that influences their opinions about th [...]

    23. I enjoyed the story very much However, this is NOT Christian fiction, as indicated by some reviewers Though there are two characters of faith a Protestant minister and a Catholic nun neither of them is truly motivated in their personal decisions by a desire to please or to serve God And, there was a subtle anti Catholic feel to the story It was subtle, but it was there.So though the characters were strong and believable Though the setting was so well handled I felt I knew those West Virginia mou [...]

    24. Great book free on Kindle It tells the story of a family from West Virginia It starts out with a young man claiming one of the women is his birth mother Before long the entire family is involved, and before readers know it, they are knee deep in the mystery of what happened years before.The characters are complex and well thought out and the story held my interest throughout I did, though, think the book was a bit predictable, as there was not a secret that I was not eventually able to figure ou [...]

    25. The cover picture and the title itself threw me for a loop, but it all made sense in the end I don t often give 5 stars, but Alicia Rasley presents an intricately woven story that gives the reader complex characters, a fascinating plot, and varies the points of views in a sort of Jodi Picoult style Secrets from the past surface to rattle a high class family whose ties to one another are tenuous at best But awful secrets and how you handle them when they are discovered can strengthen bonds, creat [...]

    26. I was skeptical as I started this book as with so many ebooks the editing is not great and that always sets my radar off As I read through the first few chapters though, I became curious about how the mystery of young Brian s parentage would play out.The author finally had me really interested and switched to another narrator The POV change was annoying as much of the same ground was covered but not with the same memories.Ultimately I found that I just liked some narrators than others and was m [...]

    27. I thought this was a pretty good book Story about 4 sisters, one who has passed away, and their relationship with their mom The story starts out with the 3 remaining sisters going back to their family home because of concerns over their mom s health Laura is an actress, Ellen is a pastor and Theresa is contemplating becoming a nun The book gets into their relationships with each other and their partners Theresa was adopted as a child and there s a nice twist regarding her adoption Ellen is also [...]

    28. I really debated whether I was going to give this one 2 or 3 stars I settled on 2.5 The story overall is pretty good, but there are parts such as the kidnapping that just don t fit The story is told from several different people s points of view While I enjoyed this method of storytelling, the whole thing just wasn t quite interesting enough I found myself speed reading through three quarters of the book so I could hurry up and find out what happens in the end get it over with So while it was go [...]

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